If you have an online store, don’t underestimate the power of marketing it locally. Since your business home is local, many people who want to shop online will shop with your store because they feel as if they’re still shopping locally and supporting local small businesses. And they are, even though they don’t have to leave their house.

These tips will help attract local customers to your online store.

Get the Local Keywords Right

Identify your audience the same way you always do, but add the geographical demographics to it too. That means you’ll need to add keywords to your content, marketing, and targeting that will attract your local audience.

Run a Facebook Ad Targeting Local People

A great way to test out your idea is to run a Facebook advertisement. You can start with a low budget to find out whether your keywords and tactics will work or not.

Verify Your Business Locally on Google

Be sure to list your business on Google and verify it. This will ensure that when someone is looking for the type of items that you sell, and they live locally, they will be more likely to find your business in a search.

Get Listed Locally

Another way to get found locally is to join your local chamber of commerce or business association. Once you pay for your membership, you can get a listing in their directory. This will ensure that you are found by other local businesses too, well those that bother to use the directory.

Sponsor Local Events

A really great way to get noticed locally is to sponsor local events so that your audience hears and sees your information and comes to your online store. Imagine that they hear the name of your business mentioned on the radio as a sponsor. Then they’re on Facebook looking at cat memes, and an advertisement shows up with your business name. What happens? They are more likely to buy from you.

Attend Local Networking Events

This is another way to be top of mind of your local audience,  be seen and heard locally so that they’ll know the name of your company. Then when they see your advertisement, they’re going to go to your online store because just by the virtue of hearing your name, seeing you face-to-face, and then seeing the advertisement, they’re developing trust in your name. If you’re searching for places to network simply checkout meetup.com you’ll find lots of free to attend networking events.

Be a Local Media Source

Your local media needs content just like you do to market the service they provide to the area. Whatever your expertise is, try to be a resource to them so that if they have questions about that niche, they’ll come to you. They’re not going to keep looking for experts if you prove to be a reliable source, because they don’t have time and don’t get paid enough to keep searching. So make connections and it’ll make it easy.

Get Local People to Review Your Business

When local people do buy from you, ensure that they’re added to your email list. After enough time for them to enjoy their purchase, you can send them a link that allows them to leave a review for your business. When local people leave a review on Google, Facebook, or other public places, their friends will see it. And you know what they say about birds of a feather, right?

Stay Active on Social Media

Responding to people, joining conversations, and sharing what’s new on social media with your local friends and connections is also a great way to get known locally for your store. If you had a bricks and mortar store, you’d post online to ask people to shop at your store on Small Business Saturday. So why wouldn’t you do it for your online store?

Never underestimate the power of focusing your marketing locally, even if you can sell your store products to the world. Your local area may have 25,000 or more people who will be excited to order from you as a local business. How many customers do you actually need? It will make your marketing so much simpler, because you’ll know exactly who your audience is and how to get their attention.

How to Attract Local Customers to Your Online Store
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