Affiliate superstars come in all shapes and sizes but one thing they all do is generate an awful lot of sales, as each has their own audience well versed in the things that they promote and marketing. To attract affiliate superstars to your own affiliate program you’ll need to present a professional appearance to them via your website, including the affiliate dashboard.

The platforms you choose to use and the technology that works for affiliates might not be the software you would normally choose, but it’s all important if you want to attract affiliate superstars to your program. Much of that is almost as important as your products.

Build Relationships

Identify the affiliates that you’d like to sign up for your programs. Follow them on social media, join their email lists, join their groups, and get to know them. You’ll have a fly on the wall to help you understand what they want from product creators in terms of marketing materials, commissions, and products.

Give Them Free Stuff

Just like your audience likes free stuff, so do affiliates. Tempt them by wining and dining them, adding fun bonuses like Amazon gift cards – and if you sell enough, huge gifts like cars will speak volumes and get the attention of any super affiliate.

Understand Their Personality

Many superstars in the affiliate world are introverts and do not actually like the spotlight outside of their friendly competition online. Therefore, building relationships will help tremendously so that you can understand your top sellers better. As you get to know them, you’ll know what they need to be attracted to your offers.

Show That You’re the Real Deal

If you really want to attract superstar affiliates, you need to hang around superstar affiliates. Go to their events, set up a booth at a show, and sponsor events that your audience likes. Be part of the community so that they know you’re serious and in it for the long haul. This works because most affiliates (like most people) are lazy. They like finding products from people they trust that they can promote repeatedly.

Create Amazing Products

There are affiliates who don’t care about your product or your audience. In their mind, it’s the conversions, the prizes, and the tools you provide that make all the difference. If they know they’re going to make a ton of money off your product, even if it’s not perfect they’ll promote it. However, ultimately the people buying your product are your customers and you’re responsible for them, so create the best products you can.

Pay Great Commissions

The more you pay them, the more they’re going to want to promote everything you offer. If you have a wide and deep funnel, they’re going to like that too. Plus, offer lifetime affiliate links instead of shorter ones, and they’ll be even more likely to want to do all that work for you promoting your products.

Create Contests That Get Buzz

Affiliates love a great challenge. Join a few groups that promote affiliate marketing, and you’ll soon see them razzing each other in friendly competition. The best thing that can happen to you as a product creator is that a bunch of affiliates fight to be the top seller of your product due to the contest.

Ask for a Favor

If you’ve managed to build a relationship with a popular affiliate and you can get them to promote and mention your product to their colleagues, you may have an opportunity to nab a superstar affiliate. This is because they do follow the leader and they do like to promote the things their friends are promoting because they love the competition.

Attracting affiliate superstars to your program can be planned for and accomplished with just a little extra attention paid to the affiliates who are promoting products and services like yours. You can find them by joining groups online and offline that super affiliates like to participate in. This will help you get to know them better so you know exactly what they want.

How to Attract Affiliate Superstars to Your Program
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