Let’s face it, its hard work getting someone to subscribe to your email list, it’s therefore important to keep them happy as they’ll remain list members longer. If you send these hard earned subscribers misleading messages, far too many message or the wrong type of messages you’ll find they not only leave your email list but some might even report you for spam. There are many good ways to avoid annoying your email list members, it’s all in the frequency and type of emails that you choose to send to them.

Don’t Use Clickbait Subject Lines

Craft subject lines that actually mean something to your audience. Instead of trying to trick people into clicking links, make the subject line match the content you are delivering. Misleading subject lines just don’t work and just make people upset at getting misled. Instead, use subject lines that actually represent what you’ll be saying in the email message, you might get less clicks but you’ll get a better overall result.

Don’t Send Too Many Email Messages

If you send numerous email messages on a daily basis, you’ll just irritate the people on your list. They’ll quite rightly feel as if you’re sending them spam and I’m sure you don’t want that. Each email message needs to have a reason for existing and being sent, and just because it’s important to generate sales isn’t really a reason, as everything should be what’s in it for your audience, and not you.

Don’t Ignore Them for Months

Conversely, you don’t want to ignore your email subscribers for too long. They’ll forget that you exist and again they’ll think that your information when it starts again is spam. You want to find a happy medium between too many emails and not enough and that’s often comes down to knowing your audience.

Don’t Promote Every Single Email

Sometimes send emails that are simply informational in nature and not sales based, let people know about a new blog post, or tell them something interesting. Ask for their opinion about something or run a poll.

Don’t Promote Multiple Offers in One Email

When you do send a promotional email, it’s important not to send too many offers in one email. You want to give them a clear choice of how to act and not confuse the issues… I personally love one emails with just one choice as it’s a simple yes, no decision the reader has to make.

Don’t Skip Good Grammar

Even in email messages the grammar you use is important. You don’t have to use perfect English Teacher grammar, but you do need to use acceptable grammar for your audience.

Don’t Create Super Emails

More People read emails on their smartphones or other mobile devices rather than computers. Reading a long, drawn-out email can be draining on the eyes and mind, and hard to read on a phone, people are also generally time short and just don’t want to spend a lot of time reading something. Short, sweet and to the point is best when it comes to email messages.

Don’t Forget to Check Links

When you send the test message to yourself, take the time to click through to the links to ensure that they work as you expect. Broken links can destroy a marketing campaign, forcing you to resend messages.

Finally, remember to proofread each and every single email message before you send it out. Use the test feature of your auto-responder software to ensure that it looks right when delivered to your email as well. One final tip is to actually split your list in two and to send slightly different versions of emails to each group, by doing this you can work out which generates better results and then over time you can continually improve.

How Not to Annoy Your Email Subscribers
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