Maybe it’s happened to you. You found a product or service you wanted to buy, and you felt like you were stuck in upsell hell. You could never finish your purchase, because every time you clicked to buy you were offered a new item. And by the time you got to the end you forgot what you were buying in the first place.

So how many upsells should you offer? You know that having upsells does help boost sales, but you don’t want to trap your buyers in that kind of never-ending story.

Here’s how to know it’s too much:

It’s Not Related

Don’t put something in your funnel that’s not related to the first product you’re promoting. If it’s not related, you should not be trying to sell it now. If you do, it’s just too much.

Your Wording Is Desperate

Sometimes a soft approach works better than a hard approach. Try suggesting an additional product that is related rather than forcing the issue with a pop-up. If you find yourself getting angry as you create the upsells for your sales page, it’s probably not going to work for the audience either.

It’s Irrelevant

If you are pushing sales to your hot new eBook called “Low Carb Weight Loss,” you don’t want to promote a book of pasta recipes as cross-sell. It would probably make people angry and it won’t work out well for you.

You Get Complaints

When you first send out a new offer, pay attention to the buzz that is created by the offer. If people are complaining about your upsells, it’s too much.

More than Two

Yes, this could have been stated in the first paragraph but most people will agree that with more than two upsells it’s likely that your audience will get turned off and run away. But, even two that aren’t related and are irrelevant, will not work.

Your Audience

If you have an audience that is not very technical, including too many upsells or even more than one can confuse them. The point is, you need to know your audience enough to know that they can understand how to navigate.

Your Sales Slow

It’s a good idea to add one upsell at a time to a sales funnel and then test the results. If sales keep going up, keep adding upsells if you have the product to support it. But, if sales stop, get rid of them.

It’s always easier selling to someone who is primed to buy already. Therefore, you don’t want to miss out on those extra sells by not having an upsell or two. However, you want to listen to feedback and adjust when you notice sales dropping, or complaints coming in. That’s how you know it’s too much.

How Many Upsells Are Too Many in Your Funnel
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