Crowdsourcing content can boost audience engagement in a number of ways, this content can be on your blog or pushed on to your social media channels, it offers several advantages for the busy business owner trying to build their brand:

  • Authority, trust
  • Regularity and consistency
  • Loyalty
  • Relevancy
  • Variety

Getting engagement is a sign of customer loyalty. It is created through your authority as a niche site or brand that people feel is worth paying attention to. People search for products and information in a range of ways. While most marketers pay attention to Google, social search on sites like Facebook is important too.

Authority and Trust

Crowdsourced content sends the message that your blog or brand has authority, with your finger on the pulse of what’s happening. That being the case, you can develop trust over time – especially when you consistently publish your own and crowdsourced content regularly and consistently.

Regularity and Consistency

It be tough to keep a blog going by yourself, or maintain a consistent presence on social media. Crowdsourced content can help with both. Through this consistency, your followers will start to feel loyal to you. They will look out for each new post you create at your blog. They will comment on it in a meaningful way. From commenting, they will become guest bloggers.

On social networks like Facebook, they will contribute content, write reviews, and like, share and comment. If you have a Facebook group, they will join in with a range of content that will make the group a popular one in your niche.


All of this will help develop brand loyalty. People will interact and build relationships with a business they feel understands them and cares about their issues. They aren’t just being talked at by the equivalent of a pushy used car salesmen, but are engaged in a meaningful two-way dialogue.

Creating surveys, polls and asking for comments or stories gives them the opportunity to share their perspectives. Storytelling is also really powerful in modern marketing because it connects with the target audience in a way no sales letter ever can.

Encourage crowdsourced content, and people will not only be loyal, but will also tell others about your business in the context of showing off what they have contributed.


Crowdsourced content should be relevant and help your target audience make informed decisions about your products and services. Reviews, testimonials, how-to’s and hints and tips from real users of the product help offer relevant content from the consumer perspective, not from you as a marketer. The content will also often be keyworded in relation to your niche, making it easier for people to find your products.


Crowdsourced content can take a range of different formats, which means more audience interest and engagement than, for example, the same articles over and over again. Encourage images, infographics, short videos and memes. They are all highly sharable and will keep your site or social media page fresh and interesting.

Crowdsourced content can offer all these benefits and more. If you’ve been nervous about audience engagement, start out slowly and measure the results across all your different marketing channels.

How Crowdsourcing Content Can Boost Customer Engagement
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