If you have an active online audience, one way to bring them offline to further the relationship is to host offline workshops. A workshop is an educational seminar that allows for hands-on work to be accomplished with the help of a professional or expert. Conducting one of these is a really great way to build offline relationships with online connections.

Choose the Desired Topic

Any type of training you already have can be moved offline. Just make it more specific and hands-on. For example, for members of an online course about Pinterest marketing, you can offer a workshop with hands-on information and help in person.

Determine How Long It Is

How far people are traveling will help inform how long you make the event. If they’re coming from a long distance, having a two-day event with extras the day before the event and the day after the event is a good rule of thumb. If they’re all coming locally, it can easily be a four-hour event.

Decide on the Fee to Participate

Once you know how long it’s going to be, taking that into consideration as well as the cost for the hotel (if needed) and the information you provide, you can set a price for the event. Remember, the more one-on-one and personal, the higher the price should be.

Selected a Date and Time

Now it’s time to pick a date and time. A rule of thumb for the first event is to plan it within six weeks. The sooner you do it, the better. Having too long can sometimes result in fewer attendees. However, if it’s a large event you can set it up an entire year in advance, especially if you plan to do it annually.

Set the Schedule for the Event

Now that you know how long it’s going to be, the topic, and other information, set up the schedule or itinerary for the event. Remember to set up breaks, sign-in, lunches, snacks, food, water, bathroom breaks – even entertainment and socializing for longer event.

Set the Location

Once you have an idea of what you need, it’s time to set up the location. Most places need at least six weeks to set the date and plan your event. You will spend from $200 and up depending on whether it’s a four-hour event or a multi-day event. Some hotels will give you free conference rooms if you book several rooms, especially if you guarantee these rooms will be filled.

Market Your Workshop

Now that you have all the information, it’s time to market your event. There are some ideas about this you may want to consider. Depending on how long you need for the exact location, you may want to presell some of the tickets for the event to ensure you have enough people for the more expensive hotel locations that require you to book a certain number of rooms. This is riskier, but many people do it.

Polish Your Presentation

Now you can spend time working on your presentation so that it’s ready to go by the time of the workshop. Decide what materials you’ll hand out to them. Determine your goals for the event for the participants so you can work toward that during the event.

Get Materials Prepared

Get everything ready for the event. Handouts, tickets, placards, and whatever else you need. Set a timeline that enables you to get the most expensive things done last, so that if anything goes wrong it’s not done until you need it.

You can make your workshop small or large. Try a smaller one with about 25 people for your first one to find out how it goes. The first one is a good learning experience to help the others go more smoothly. You can also get help with workshops by hiring an event planner or coordinator.

Host Offline Workshops for Fun and Profit
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