Outside of Facebook Ads there are great ways to attract lookalike audiences. One of them is to guest blog on websites that service your audience. Many high ranking websites and blogs accept unique guest blog posts. This is a great opportunity to attract the right audiences to your online real-estate.

Make It Unique

Each blog post you create as a guest should be made 100 percent for that blog at that point in time. It should be written based on the demographics of the audience for that blog, not yours. While the audiences should be similar, you want to read the most liked blog posts on that blog and try to make yours become one of these too.

Create a Great Profile

Don’t make a cookie cutter profile that you put everywhere that you guest blog. Make it fit the personality of the blog, and put a good picture with the profile. The more you can fit in with the blog space, the more the audience will relate to you.

Link to a Special Page

Instead of just linking to your home page, why not link to a landing page that welcomes visitors from the particular blog they’re linking into from. Then you can lead them to the content and information you want them to see, as well as your newsletter.

Ensure Your Website Works Well

Make sure your own website is working well. This is important in case the guest blog post sends an enormous amount of traffic to you. You don’t want them to leave due to slow loading, for example.

Keep Your Blog Full

You want to put regular content on your blog so that whenever anyone visits it, through a guest post link or otherwise, they have a reason to stick around and read. If the page loads fast and has good information, they’ll be more likely to stay.

Find Busy Blogs

If you can get a guest blogging gig on a blog that has 10,000 subscribers or more, then you will not waste your effort. Guest blogging on starter blogs is nice, but it probably won’t get you the kind of traffic you want. If you can find some blogs in the middle of starter blogs and busy blogs, that’s a great beginning.

Search for Blogs

The best way to search for blogs is to use Google Alerts to send you blog posts about your topic. That way you can go check out the websites talking about your niche. If they are right for you to blog on, then proceed with introductions.

Know How to Pitch

Don’t send a random email to the owner of the blog. First, check their website for information about whether or not they take guest posts. If nothing can be found about that, first follow them on all social media and try to interact with them and get to know them. Finally make the offer with a solid pitch of what you’d write about for them and how it will benefit them.

Guest blogging on blogs that serve your audience is a fast way to find lookalike audiences. If they take advertising, you can place an ad on the blog instead of guest posting if you prefer. But, guest blog posts often work better.

Guest Blogging to Attract Lookalike Audiences
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