Creating effective Amazon listings is an important part of ensuring that your target audience can find your products. Even though Amazon doesn’t give that much space or leeway, there are ways to get maximum results from your listings. As usual, remember that Amazon is always updating their terms of service and rules, so make sure that any advice here or anywhere else is double checked, with the latest information.

Getting Maximum Results from Your Amazon ListingsKeywords

You probably have a list of keywords that you’ve found for your audience and use with content marketing. You can use some of these keywords in your listings. If the keyword both describes the product and is something the audience would use to find your listings, it’s perfect.

Intended Audience

If you can put something in the listing about who this is for, that’s going to help people find your listing. For example, if it’s a woman’s shirt, you’ll want to say that within the title. If it’s unisex, state that as well.

Make Them Want It

In the description box, try to make the buyer feel as if they already own it, and give them an idea of how they’re going to feel when they order the item and get it home. “You’ll get in shape fast with this easy to use rebounder.” “Exceed your New Year’s resolutions with this rebounder.”


Write your descriptions with your intended audience in mind by adding keywords that are relevant to your audience and your product. Always put the most important parts in the first three lines of your description box, because mobile devices will not show more than three lines even though you can put up to 2000 characters. Tell the reader about the benefits of your item to the right audience.

Bullet Points

It’s hard for people to read blocks of text online, especially when they’re shopping, because they don’t want to read a bunch of stuff. Instead, use bullet points. Bullet points have a maximum of 500 characters with up to five individual bullet points, but you want to keep this below 100 if you can. Avoid copyright and trademark infringement, write in complete sentences, but do not add end punctuation. Use proper capitalization.


Amazon titles can be from 80 to 256 characters depending on the category. It’s best to keep the titles shorter rather than longer. Shoot for about 50 characters so that it looks better. Also, don’t use all caps, use “2” instead of “two”, and don’t add promotional messaging in titles. Avoid using any type of hype and don’t use your merchant name as the brand name unless you have your own brand.


There are a few SEO items you might want to consider, but they’re not always necessary. Remember to use the fields available for each part, including product name, bullets (key product features), product descriptions, and brand name when appropriate.

Essentially, you should use the space given to cover all the questions your audience may have about the product so that they can make the right choice to buy it. This is your chance to tell a story and make them see themselves with the item before they even buy it.

Getting Maximum Results from Your Amazon Listings
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