You’ve probably played around with Google Trends on occasion, before dropping it and moving on to something a little more serious for your keyword research, but don’t dismiss this resource for some seriously good research into what’s rising and falling in public opinion.

Google Trends isn’t about standard keywords and how much people are looking for them; it’s more about taking the pulse of what’s going on in a niche and forecasting its lifespan. It’s about the here and happening right now as much as it is about historical data – which is all that their sister product, the Keyword Planner does.

Google Trends will show you not just what’s hot right now, but a timeline of how it’s been trending since 2004, what else has trended alongside it – meaning a correlation if interest – and what kinds of percentages of search it’s getting within geographic and chronological limits.

You can see when people start buying Christmas cards, bikinis or Halloween costumes – and when they stop.

Want to see where to advertise your product? Google Trends will show you the statistical data for what parts of the country are searching most for your product.

How does that help viral marketing?

Let’s assume your viral content is a funny video involving AC for apartments. You can see that searches for AC are at 100 in Arizona, while interest only rises as high as 80 in other states. That makes a PPC campaign to show your video in Arizona the most sensible choice for launching it.

Results are Real Time

Forget data that’s a month old and no better. With GT you can take a look at the last 7 days, 30, 90 and a year. That’s a real insight into whether interest has waned enough to re-engage again, or whether you should wait until the tail end of a successful campaign has come to an end first.

Media Contacts

You can be sure that if the search is trending super-hot in the last 7 days, you’ll find members of the media who are interested in covering it – jump over to Twitter and start using that search field!

Related Searches

Discover what else people are searching for that’s related to your story – it’s the ideal way to jump over to another buzz worthy topic and grab some traffic towards your own. And ideal for maximising your press release potential.

Using Google Trends is fun. There’s not many pieces of marketing software that you can lose hours in and still feel like you’d only been using it for a few minutes.

Get Serious About Google Trends
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