When it comes to deciding what type of product is better for your target audience, an eBook versus a webinar, there are a number of different considerations.

Understand Your Niche

You need to know what your audience likes, are interested in, and are willing to buy. Your eBooks and webinars can be free, of course, but your goal is to make money in order to stay in business, so you need to come up with a range of paid products that meet their needs.

First, you need to know their pain points – the things they are having the most trouble with, so you can offer effective solutions for the right price.

Next, you need to decide the best format for the content so they can ease their pain and achieve their goal.

Third, you need to consider that around 70% of the population are visual learners, so a webinar is most likely, though not always, the best format.

Facts, Figures and Statistics

If you have a lot of serious business content packed with facts, figures, statistics, case studies and so on, chances are an eBook is going to be your best bet.

Real World Hands-On Skills

If you want to teach someone to do something by hand, a webinar/video illustrating what to do is probably going to be a lot better for your target audience that a million words. For example, teaching a beginner how to improve their golf swing is a lot easier to do via video than in an eBook.

Teaching a quilter how to cut the perfect fabric triangles is also highly visual and best accomplished through a webinar or video.

The Opportunity for Interactivity

EBooks are just words on a page. Depending on the webinar hosting service you use, you could add interactivity to your presentation. They could ask questions, there might be a whiteboard, and so on. The more features in the webinar service, the more expensive it will be, but you can earn your money back easily if you produce an impressive webinar in which people feel they have really gotten their money’s worth by being able to connect with an expert.

The Commitment in Terms of Time

With both eBooks and webinars, you will have to write out your ideas beforehand. You need to teach enough to satisfy your audience, but not so much that they are not eager to learn more. It does take time to write a book and organize a webinar. Consider offering a book or handouts with the webinar in order to help them get the most out of it.

Consider making a video related to the book. You can do this pretty easily with PowerPoint slides, and you don’t even have to appear in front of the camera if you don’t wish to.

No matter what you do, leverage the time you spend by recording your webinar for future use. There is always a great buzz with live webinars, but not everyone can attend live, so record webinars that are “evergreen” and can be sold or given away for marketing purposes at any time.

What’s Better An EBook or a Webinar for Your Audience?
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