All successful businesses need to worry about return on investment, or ROI. In particular, service businesses need to watch out for their expense to profit ratio. Fortunately, there are a number of service businesses that have high returns on investment that might be worth considering if you would like to become your own boss, and/or earn extra money doing something you are skilled at and love.


There is a huge demand for content online these days, so anyone who can offer a writing service is going to earn well on a regular basis without having to spend too much time, money or effort trying to acquire paying clients. Site owners and bloggers need writers to produce articles, posts, ebooks and more, on a range of topics.


Becoming a researcher can also be an excellent freelance opportunity. You will get topics from your clients, or perhaps an outline, and will then dig deeper into the topic and submit a summary of your research. You might also be asked to produce a report or ebook based on your research. If you are a good writer and can scan information quickly online and from books to get the essence of a topic, you will find plenty of clients eager for your help.

Professional Photography and Video

Content isn’t just about the written word. It is also about presenting it in an attractive way, usually through using high-quality images which support what has been written. Many people are finding a whole new profitable stream of income from their photographs, particularly if they sell them through popular stock photography websites. You can keep earning over and over again by selling a license to use your images.

In terms of video, this form of content is in high demand, especially among people who don’t have either video skills or video editing skills and want to create custom videos to market their business. Video can range from PowerPoint presentations which have been turned into MP4 files, to one or more people talking on camera. Product demonstrations and how-to videos are also very popular.

Filming is just one part of creating a great video. Editing will make it look more professional.

Video makers can also use two popular formats, the animated video and the whiteboard video. These are particularly good for video sales letters for businesses who want to sell their products and services online in an informative and entertaining way. It would take ages for most novices to master these two types of software, but if you already know how to use them, you can get a significant return on your investment by marketing your skills to a range of clients.


Marketing can take many different formats, both online and offline. In most cases, people are focusing on the internet, trying to sell their goods and services as cheaply as possible in order to maintain a high level of profit. The ROI from becoming an online marketer can be considerable if you know what you are doing and have the hands-on experience required to deliver real results to your clients.

Some people specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) – that is, attracting search engines like Google to a person’s content in order for them to sell products and services online. Other people have become social media marketing experts, mastering the top networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in order to spread the word about all a business has to offer.


Consultants get paid to offer advice and make recommendations. They don’t usually have to do any hands-on work. They just have to be in the know about their niche. If you have been working in your niche for some time, chances are you already have your finger on the pulse of the most important trends. This being the case, you can then parlay that knowledge into a profitable consulting career with a high ROI.

Five Service Businesses with High ROIs
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