There are a number of ways to create passive income online. It is a case of setting up these methods once so they can help you to earn money over and over again. Here are five easy ones:

List Building and Email Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make a steady stream of income online is to build an email marketing list at your website or blog. Offer them something interesting for free, like a special report or ecourse, in exchange for their email address. Once they are on your list, you can market to them on a regular basis.

There are two types of email you can send:

  • Broadcast emails
  • Autoresponder or follow-up emails

Broadcast emails are like news for your business. Use them for product launches, holiday sales, special offers and so on. Use autoresponders for “evergreen” content that is interesting, but not news, and will never go out of date.

Set Up Autoresponders to Automate Your Marketing

Don’t underestimate the value of autoresponder emails. Copy and paste them into your email marketing interface and set a schedule. Every time a new person comes onto your list, they will receive the entire series of emails you have created.

The secret to email marketing is having an offer link in every email you send.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is ideal if you don’t have a lot of products and services to offer your customers. It is great to sell your own products, but you can also make a lot of money risk free by signing up to sell other businesses’ popular products in exchange for a commission.

Join an affiliate program such as Amazon Associates, or an affiliate marketplace such as ClickBank, find products you like, and create a specially coded link. Every time someone buys from your link, you get commission. Promote your links everywhere and they will keep on earning for you 24/7. Add to your emails for a chance to sell in every mailing.

Content Marketing

Everything happens online through content; that is, words on a page or in a headline. Content lures both search engines and human beings to your site or blog.

Creating excellent content is the perfect way to create passive income. Add links to your products and affiliate products and you are sure to make money. Think of keywords related to your niche that will attract traffic.

Plan useful content that will help your target audience solve their problems. For example, you could write reviews of the products you are selling as an affiliate and link to each one. Your content will keep earning for you even when you are away from your computer.


AdSense can help you monetize your site by adding extra information and functionality. The AdSense program allows site and blog owners to earn commission from the advertisers using the Google AdWords program. It is a way of placing ads on your site that will earn for you automatically, with the added bonus of the ads being useful rather than flashy and annoying.

The ads will match the keywords of your content. The ads can show as plain blue hyperlinks, or as part of a custom search box. Choose both and see how much passive income you can earn.

Five Ideas to Generate Passive Income
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