A basic sales funnel can help you get your business off the ground, but an advanced funnel can really help you cash in on all your hard work provided that you construct it correctly. Here are several tips that can help you improve your sales funnel.

Test Every Sales Funnel You Create to Make Sure It Is Easy to Use

Streamline the process as much as possible, so there are no extra steps.

Track and Test Your Results

Track your site visitors and the actions they take. Then try to improve your results with what is known as split testing. Use Google Experiments to master the art of split testing and coming up with winning sales letters that will convert well.

Link – https://developers.google.com/analytics/solutions/experiments-feature-reference

Tracking and testing will take time, but it is easier to try to increase your conversion rate from 1% to 5% than it is to try to get five times more traffic to your site.

Create Advanced Sales Funnels

With the basic funnel sales funnel, you are trying to get them to buy one product. With a more advanced sales funnel, you can offer them a series of products related to each other. This can mean a significant increase in the per-person value of each customer.

There are a couple of secrets to creating an effective advanced funnel. The first is that the main product, or initial product that you offer, should be very attractive to your target audience. Ideally, you should also have several other products related to it that you can sell also.

If you’re just starting out in business, not to worry. Once you know how to create an advanced sales funnel, you can start creating products and services with this ultimate goal in mind.

The trick to the advanced sales funnel is that the thank you and confirmation page of the main product will also include a sales letter for a second product. The second product’s thank you page can become a third sales letter, and so on.

Other Types of Sales Funnels

In addition to the main sales funnels, there are several other types of sale funnel:

  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Limited-time offers (LTOs)
  • One-time offers (OTOs)

All of these are related to your main offer. In the case of upsells, think of a deluxe version of your main product. With a downsell, they will still get some of the features of the upsell, but not as many, for a lower price. For LTOs and OTOs, you are trying to get them to make a snap decision about a really good offer you are presenting. In both cases, if they say no, they will never see that offer at that (reasonable) price again.

Planning the Advanced Funnel

The important thing to remember is that you need to have the products already created in order to start selling via an advanced funnel. This may sound difficult, but if you think of bronze, silver and gold level packages, it will be easy to create main, upsell and downsell offers. Any LTOs or OTOs will be like nice bonuses thanking them for being your customer.

Five Advanced Tips to Improve Your Sales Funnel
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