When you know your goals, you’ll be able to create much better SMS marketing messages. The reason is that you can remember to include your goal (such as getting event sign-ups) when you’re focused on the goal and your audience as you create the message. You have very little space to play around with, so you have to get it right. Let’s look at some examples.

Goal: Get People to Come to Your Local Event

Let’s say you’re having a vision board workshop that you want people in your local area to sign up to attend. You will want to mention the type of workshop you’re having, where you’re having it, and how to sign up – all within the 160-character limit.

Example: “Change your life with your own vision board. Join the workshop at Business Hub Central on September 20th. Call or text 123-456-7891 to sign up.

Goal: Get People to Get Your New Product

Now you’re trying to get people to buy your new product. The audience for this is the people who purchased a different product that is related. You want them to go the sales page and buy the product.

Example: “Our 24-hour early bird launch price for brand-new Advanced Marketing System is almost over. Get it here xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com!

Goal: Get Customers to Use a Coupon to Drive More Sales

Sometimes you want to spur more sales with a coupon too. Coupons are awesome because people may share the coupon with their friends, which can cause even more sales to occur. This means people outside of your subscribers may get the message if the coupon is good enough.

Example: “25% discount on all our STOCK for the next 24 hours. Use coupon code XTRME25 to get the discount on purchases of any of our STOCK.

Goal: Tell Customers about Your Current Special Offers That Are Almost Over

Sometimes you have sales going on. At the last moment before it’s over, you want an extra push of traffic to the sale so that you can end your campaign high. One way to do that is to do a last moment SMS marketing push.

Example: “Our special offer is over in 48 hours. Shop all our watches now and take advantage of our BOGO offer. Go to URL to buy now.

Goal: Get More Traffic

Many times, your main goal is simply to get more traffic to your landing page, or website. In that case, it’s just as easy to send them a message with your link along with a bit of incentive included.

Example: “Get our weekly yourwebsite.com/newsletter stuffed with industry news plus special deals just for subscribers.”

There is a lot of potential with SMS marketing. Don’t think that just because everyone is on Facebook that people aren’t still using SMS on their mobile devices. There are almost 50 million consumers receiving SMS from companies they like, with more signing up every single day. What’s even more exciting is that people tend to read SMS faster than other types of messages – usually within the first three minutes of receiving it.

Link for more information: http://wvw.textlocal.com/the-state-of-sms-2017

Examples of SMS Messages Based on Goals
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