Getting amazing reviews for your business is social proof that your business represents what you claim it does. When people see reviews, they put a lot of stock into the ones that are neither too negative nor too over the top positive. Plus, reviews that have examples in them and are very detailed are generally thought to be more trustworthy.

Here’s what to do to get the business reviews you want.

Offer Amazing Products and Service

The first thing, of course, is that your products and service should wow your audience. They should receive or use the product and feel that it lived up to any advertising hype and then some. If you do that, you’re going to get amazing reviews. But, you can’t just wait for them; you’ll need to ask.

Set Up Your Autoresponder to Ask Them

It’s just human nature that people will be more likely to leave a bad review unsolicited than a good review. That’s why you have to figure out when it’s best to ask them to leave you a review. The best time is while they’re still super-happy with your product or service. Usually, two or three days after purchase is a good time to check in on them and send a request to leave a review.

Publicly Thank People When They Review Your Business

A great way to reward people without saying so is to thank them publicly for their amazing review. Tell them how special it made you feel and how wonderful it was. This will subliminally encourage others to leave a review too.

Make It Simple for Them to Give the Review

When you send them the autoresponder message to review your business or product, send them a link for the review. You can send different links in different messages for different platforms.

Follow Up Later and Personally

It’s always a good practice to follow up with your customers in a personal way when you can. It really depends on the spending level but at some point, you should call your customer on the telephone and thank them. Even if they don’t answer, just leave a message; that will make them feel like a VIP for sure.

Ask Them to Share Their Review on Social Media

In your autoresponder message, ask them to do you a favor and share their review on social media. That will enable everyone they know to see it. When you get notification of a new review, always thank them and screenshot it.

Offer Incentives as a Last Resort

Most review sites don’t like it when you give coupons or other incentives. But you can ask for reviews for your website too, then send them an unannounced coupon or gift without any problems. This is really a good way to give an incentive without saying so.

Add a Request to Your Email Signature

You probably send out a lot of emails on any given day, so adding a link and a request for a review of your business is helpful. Most people need to be reminded to leave a review more than once to get it done.

Getting more reviews will mean that sometimes you’ll get a less than stellar one, but don’t freak out if that happens to you. Take it as a challenge to improve your products and services even more. Even if you get a particularly nasty review, the more reviews you get the better for you if your overall rating stays high. If you have a good product or service, the good reviews will outdo the bad reviews every time.

Encouraging More Reviews for Your Business
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