Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for driving sales in your business, but as with most forms of marketing, it rarely stands still. There are always new techniques to try, and important rules and regulations to be aware of.

Here are some of the current trends to watch out for as you formulate your email marketing campaigns.

Increased Regulations

Privacy is a top concern. So is the way you use the data you collect. Read over your current privacy policy and terms of service for your site to ensure you are compliant. Also check your welcome email for each list that you have created to ensure you have stated accurately what they may expect.

The big one is that you will not share their email address with a third party. Say it and mean it. If you are going to share or sell data, you need to be honest about it upfront. And you would need to edit your policies and mail them about it to get permission, such as to ask them to opt into a new list if they wish to continue being a subscriber.

An Increased Push for Mobile-Friendly Emails

Your email should look good on any device that your target customer chooses to read it on. Check it on various models of smartphones and tablets. Sign up for free at in order to gain access to mobile phone emulators that will allow you to view your content on a range of simulated screens.

Attractive Email Rendering

There is a similar problem with the way emails appear in different email services. Check the appearance of your emails at Yahoo! mail, Gmail, Hotmail and so on to be sure it does not look ragged.

Coding Issues

Some marketers opt for HTML coded emails, while others choose plain text. Any HTML coding errors could destroy the appearance of the email, or even block some or all of it from being seen. Check your code at a site like Dirty Markup and clean any errors.

Proofread and Test

Be sure to proofread carefully any email before you send it. Check for typos and make sure the link clicks through to the right page. Make certain that things like the date and time of an event are correct. People are very busy and don’t have time for you to send two or three emails on the same subject, trying to correct basic errors you should have caught in the first place.

Once you are sure the email is perfect, send a test and check it in a range of email services to make sure it is all there and nothing has been cut off or looks strange.

Beware of the Message as Image Email

Some marketers create an attractive graphic, such as a discount coupon or an invitation to a live event such as a webinar. The trouble is that these are images, and images are still seen as suspicious by certain email providers because they have been used so often as the delivery mechanism for nasty computer viruses. Plain text is just fine.

Use Personalization

Take the time to personalize the emails using the personalization tags available in your email marketing platform. It is a little thing, but really does help build relationships with your target audience.

Use Segmentation

Don’t lump everyone onto the same list. Create different lists based on the “lead magnets” or free items you are giving away. If they buy a product from you, put them on a customer list for that product so you will no longer send them messages related to that product.

Send High Quality Information, Not Just Sales Info

Make sure all your emails are relevant and interesting to your target audience. Do more than just try to sell them stuff, and chances are they will remain on your list, look forward to your emails and open them, and even forward the emails to other people.

Email Marketing Trends to Be Aware Of
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