There are a range of ways to use email marketing in order to boost your eCommerce and generate more sales.

Getting Them on the List

Offer a great incentive that your target audience will love. Once they are on your list, you can start presenting them with a range of offers, and different kinds of emails.

Here are some of the types of emails to send, with real-life examples.

Informational Emails

Informational emails provide a context for what you are trying to sell. You’re introduced to a topic, and the item for sale offers a solution.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

The item for sale is a diet cookbook. The subject line is the same as the information headline, so anyone interest in type 2 diabetes would be likely to click.

Promotional Email

This type of email promotes one product only, and is basically a sales letter with a link to order.  The subject line is:

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

And the body of the email reads:

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

It gives a clear call to action:

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

And a good comparison, to show that the item is not going to be very expensive.

Special Offer Emails

These are very common and easy to create.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

Using a coupon code can help you track the performance of the ad more easily.

Special Bundling

Bundling is a good way to make more money by offering several items for a single price. The price will be higher than a single item, but lower than buying all of the items separately.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

We Are Grateful to Our Subscribers Emails

These are a way to remind people that they are on your list, especially if they have not taken any action recently. In this reactivation example, CVS is encouraging people to visit their local store and in particular, the pharmacy section.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

Surveys and Other Customer Engagement Emails

People love giving their opinions, so sending them simple surveys is a way to engage them. They can also serve as reactivation emails to get them to start paying more attention to you.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

This is a simple format, and one question. You can create more complicated surveys through a free service like SurveyMonkey.

Time Is Running Out Emails

A lot of email marketers are timid about emailing regarding the same topic more than once. The truth is that multiple contact points are a good idea because the first email might not have gotten through, and people get busy and forget.

Time-sensitive offers also give customers more motivation to buy because they don’t want to feel they are missing out on a great thing.

Here is an example from Groupon:

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

Tapping into any holiday will also create time-sensitive urgency, which should boost sales.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Depending on the eCommerce system you are using, and whether it is integrated with your email marketing, you can send out an email urging them to complete their transaction by buying what they have put in their shopping cart.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce

Social media is a great marketing method, but it is still not as effective as email marketing. Use all you’ve learned to try to convert subscribers to buyers, and see what a difference it makes to your profits.

Email Marketing Tips for ECommerce
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