As a business owner you should ideally have a heathy supply of prospective customers as well as customers, it’s important from a business point of view to stay in touch with these people as often as possible. You should add these people to your email lists, segmented according to where they are in the buying cycle so that you can really target your messages according to their needs.

Tell People What to Expect

Whenever someone purchases from you or signs up for one of your email lists, send them a thank you message with an explanation of what to expect from you in the future. Explain how often they will hear from you, what it’s all about and make some promises and assurances to them.

Do What You Say You’ll Do

Once you have told people what you are going to do, it’s obviously important that you follow through with this and do exactly what you have said you would do. For example if you say you will send them a newsletter every Monday, send them a newsletter every single Monday. By not doing so or changing your schedule all you will end up doing is confusing people, it’s also worth pointing out that people also actually forget that they signed up for email lists and when you don’t stay active, they may report you for spamming them, so keep to your promised schedule.

Remind Them Often of What You Said

Every now and then, within your normal messages it’s a good idea to remind your prospects and customers about what you have previously promised and assured them on. This helps them remember who you are and by reinforcing your initial promises you build more trust.

Let Them Know When You Follow Through

When you do something you said you would do, tell them. “I told you I would send you an update on my xyz product, as promised, here it is.” This again, reinforces the point that you stick to your word and can be trusted and remember no one knows what you do, unless you tell them.

Ask for Input and Opinions

Once in a while invite your prospects and customers to submit their ideas and opinions. If you have a new product idea, tell them about it, ask them what they think. Ask them what they’d willingly pay for such a product or service. Ask them if they would like to see something from you that you’ve not delivered and ask them how you can improve.

Tease Them about New Products

Never pass up an opportunity to give your audience some hints and small bits of information about new products, services or events. As you hint about it, try to make them in your new offerings by explaining what’s in it for them and of course reward your loyal followers with special limited time discounts.

Thank Them for Buying

Whenever someone purchases something from you, or answers any call to action for that matter, be sure to thank them. The thank you is always a nice thing to do, plus it gives you just that little bit more screen real estate to give them more information about you and your products and/or services.

Follow Up Regularly

Even after someone has purchased, and you’ve thanked them, it’s not over. It costs a lot less to create a repeat buyer than to turn a lead into a buyer. Cultivate your relationship with buyers even more consistently than you do leads and prospects. One of the best ways to do this, is to give usage tips, support and help and advice on products or services already purchased. This shows people you care, give great customer service and it helps turn customers into repeat long term customers.

Using the pattern of telling people what you’re going to tell them, telling them, and then telling them what you told them will improve your marketing tenfold. Most people need to hear things multiple times before it sinks in. The more you stick to your word and the more value you can provide to your audience, the more they’ll look forward to your messages.

Email Marketing Conditioning Your Prospects and Customers
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