When you build a strong email list there are a few tools that you might like to try out to help make the job easier, faster, and meet legal requirements.

1. AWeber – This email list building software has been around quite some time. It works very well for most of what you may need to do, such as segmenting, sending autoresponder emails, sending a timed (drip) series, and more. AWeber offers a lot of reports, as well as tutorial videos to help you learn to use it.

Link – http://www.aweber.com/

2. ConvertKit – This is a newer email autoresponder on the market but one that should get a really hard look. It seems more expensive than the others to start with, but was built with internet marketing in mind. It offers a lot of interesting options when it comes to segmentation possibilities.

Link – http://www.convertkit.com/

3. Drip – A newer player, Drip offers some amazing potential for email autoresponders. It is simple to use, simple to get started, and offers a lot of the features you need with an explanation about how to use them properly.

Link – http://www.getdrip.com/

4. Leadpages – In addition to the wonderful autoresponders listed above, you also need a way to easily offer your lead magnet to them, and plenty of opportunities to sign up for your list. One way to do that is to use software that helps you make awesome sign-up boxes, sales pages, landing pages and more. Leadpages is sort of the one everyone else wishes they could be.

Link – http://www.leadpages.net/

5. Instabuilder – This is a less expensive but tried-and-tested landing page creator, sign-up box creator, and more. It offers a lot of templates, videos on how to use it, and customization tools. You can build awesome and convertible sales pages that really look great without hiring an expert.

Link – http://www.instabuilder.com/

6. E-junkie – You’ll also need a shopping cart type software that enables people to safely download your freebie or even your other paid items. E-junkie doesn’t have as many features as some of the others, but it can work to help you get going fast.

Link – http://www.e-junkie.com/

7. JVZoo – This is a great platform that enables you to make buy buttons for your audience to download your freebie or paid items that you are selling to help you get them on your email list. It also offers the ability for others to find your item for sale and promote it as an affiliate.

Link – http://www.jvzoo.com/

8. Canva – You need to be able to create an awesome freebie or low-cost entry item, ads, social media memes and more, and Canva can help. It is for people who don’t know about graphic design but need some things done without having to pay for it right now. If you can afford to pay an expert, though, that is highly recommended.

Link – http://www.canva.com/

An autoresponder is truly the only way to build your list. Your autoresponder has tools inside it that help you create sign-up boxes, and even very attractive emails. You can also look at the stats for each email sent to find out who opened it and who didn’t. Building your email list will only work as well as the tools you choose, so choose for today – but also choose for growth.

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