It makes sense that if your product listings are optimized, you’ll get more visitors, more conversions, and grow your profits a lot faster than if you don’t take the time to learn what makes a successful Amazon product listing. Even though the platform has a specific set way to do things, you can use what is available to optimize the listings.

One of the most important elements of a listing is the product title. Let’s look at how you can make the most of this.

Write Your Title for People

Stop thinking of the search engine while you are writing the title. People are the ones who will ultimately click on your title. Of course, you do need to understand the way algorithms work, but when your audience sees the title you want them to understand what the product is.

Mention Benefits

Remember that when you write a title, you want to focus on the benefits of the product as well as what it is. For example, if your product was a lipstick, you’d want to mention what this lipstick is good for. For example, “Perfect for long days with no mirrors” will imply that it stays on.


Do some keyword research so that you know which keywords your audience will look for when finding your product. If your audience is looking for long-staying lip tint, for example, and your lipstick is long staying, use the words that show that.

Brand Name

There are people who will say to put your brand name in the title, but Amazon has a separate place for your brand name. Use that instead, as it is in their terms of service. But, if you’re a reseller listing someone else’s brand, you can add your brand name in the first spot of the title. For example, “Hanes Woman’s Cotton T”. But again, if you’re listing your own branded items, use the brand field and use the rest of the space for other information.

Product Name

Always include the product name so that people know what it is. If the product name is descriptive of what the item is, that makes it even better. For example, with “Hanes Women’s Cotton T-Shirt,” the product name is “T-shirt” which is also a search term.

Distinguishing Features

If your product has a feature that is a benefit to the buyer, you should bring it up in the product title. For example, “Hanes Women’s Super-Soft Cotton T-Shirt” is a great title, because it lets the buyer know that the T-shirt is very soft.

Getting the title right is going to ensure that people want to click on the title, that it shows up in searches in the first place, and that it strikes interest in buyers. Amazon gives you 250 characters for the product title in most cases (although some have only 200), so do give it some thought to make the most of it.

Elements of a Successful Amazon Product Title
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