The fact is millennials are likely your most important block of potential customers in a long time. They are the first generation to outnumber baby boomers, and they love technology. More than anyone they’ve embraced digital media and have totally different ideas about ownership than anyone else. They’re a powerful consumer block that you’ll need to educate yourself about if you want to stay in business online or offline.

Here are eight ways to reach out to them.

Craft Empowering Content

Keep content focused on informing them about information that interests them rather than selling them things. They like reading eBooks, white papers, long form content and more that educates them on any topic. They like the content to be easy to read, understandable, broken up by images, and humor. Most of all the content should give them the power to make the right decision about whatever topic they’re learning about at that time.

Fun Is Where It’s at

Millennials love playing games and having fun. They don’t like being tied down. They want to be able to travel light and see the world. They enjoy finding unconventional ways to live large, even when they don’t have the money to do it. But, they’re not that big on having debt, so they find alternatives.

Feature Sharing Over Owning When Possible

A great alternative to debt is sharing and renting. Millennials like using services like and In addition, they love borrowing bikes and using public transportation. They even like renting clothing, purses and leasing cars. If they can get something of higher quality inexpensively, even just to use for a while, that’s how they like to do it. After all, tomorrow they might want to try something different.

Make Compelling YouTube Videos

Millennials love digital video sharing sites. More than half of them upload videos of their own lives on a regular basis, and they love watching videos from others. Making video content that doesn’t overtly sell but instead informs them and uses your brand to do so will make all the difference.

Develop Content for Instagram

Visual elements are very important to millennials, who love to share pictures of themselves doing things, and pictures of others. They share pictures of their everyday life and love looking at others doing the same. If you can tap into that “everyday” look and feel with your Instagram, you’ll create millennial fans for life.

Create Long Form Content

EBooks, reports, long blog posts and other informative longer content is important to millennials (especially if it’s free or very inexpensive) to help them learn about the issues you’re involved with. For example, if you’re promoting your widget, create a guide all about the widget that you give out for free.

Realize that Content Lives Forever

The content you put out into the world will still be there in ten years. It’s imperative that you understand that as you create content to share with everyone. You want the content to be worthwhile even later on. Even if things change a bit, you want the content to matter tomorrow as much as it does today.

Involve Them in Product Development

Crowd sourcing is an important buzzword to learn if you market to millennials. Why? Because they like helping and being involved with creating products that they’re going to use, as it makes them feel included. They like promoting them, too. If you ask your customers to send videos of them using your product, nine times out of ten it’ll be a millennial that complies.

Reaching out to millennials is actually pretty simple. They keep their mobile devices within arm’s reach, mostly all the time – even at night. They check their messages more frequently than other age groups, and they’re very tuned in to digital media. You have great opportunities when it comes to reaching out to millennials.

Eight Ways to Reach Out to Millennials
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