Email marketing is something that is very important to participate in today. Whether you have a bricks and mortar business or a digital business, email marketing is an effective way to boost sales and get your information to your audience. These eight tips will ensure that you’re using email correctly and in a profitable way.

Pick the Right Autoresponder

When you want to use email to market your business, it’s imperative that you choose the right autoresponder. Every autoresponder platform has their own terms of service and the type of marketing they allow. Some don’t allow affiliate marketing, for example, so if you want to be an affiliate marketer or offer occasional affiliate deals, you’ll want to avoid the platforms that disallow that.

Use Personalization Wisely

Every autoresponder system today offers the ability to add personalization. But remember, if you didn’t collect the information, you can’t use those systems. When you get people to sign up for your list, if you don’t take the first name, don’t use the FNAME personalization option or your emails will look strange. If you want to use those features, collect the right information.

Provide a Usable Freebie

One way to get people on your list, as you’ve probably heard, is to give them something free to download in exchange for their information. But, when you offer freebies, ensure that they are truly valuable and useful to your audience in a very targeted way. If the information you provide isn’t of interest to only your audience, you may end up with people on your list who don’t really care about the rest of the information you provide, so niche down your freebie offer to something very personal and special and usable for your audience.

Send Content Regularly and Consistently

Once you get people on your list, don’t abandon them. Send regular content on a consistent basis so that they get accustomed to getting content from you. Plus, you want to ensure that the content you send is interesting, useful, and relevant so that they get used to wanting to open the email and get the information.

Promote Your Content

When you have people on your list, it’s another place to promote content that you publish elsewhere. Tell your email members about the content in your private group. Tell them about the content you just published on your website. Tell them about your new YouTube video. This is a wonderful way to get repeat viewers.

Cross-Promote Platforms

Remember to promote your email list on your Facebook page and group. Promote your email list to your blog readers, to your YouTube audience, and vice versa. The more you cross-promote, the more your audience will get used to seeing your promotions and answering your calls to action.

Segment Your List

Autoresponders today have so much wonderful technology that can use systems based on the behavior of your list members. If they answer a CTA within an email, you can move them to a different list or segment of a list easily. Ensure that you set that up so that the information they get is very personal to them.

Keep Your List Clean

Email marketing is an investment in your business, but you can cut the cost dramatically by keeping people off your list who aren’t responsive. You can set up automation to remove people from lists when they never open your emails after a season or a specific time frame. Use it. You’ll be glad you did.

When you have the right tools, the right content, and are sending to the right audience, email marketing is a way that you can practically give yourself a raise anytime you want to once you build a healthy list. It may take some time, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Eight Tips for Successful Email Marketing Results
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