I speak with a lot of businesses and I think it’s a fair statement to say now, that press releases are highly underrated these days. It doesn’t matter if your business is digital, online or a bricks and mortar business, you should still be sending out press releases for every single newsworthy event that your business participates in. New products, new services, events, basically anything that your business does or accomplishes that is important to your niche should warrant a press release. Here are eight reasons why.

Provides Links to Your Website

Links aren’t what they used to be in some people’s eyes, especially after Google’s algorithm changes, but I take a slightly different opinion. In that they are still good for SEO in terms of providing links to your website which people can click on and visit your website.

A Record of Events

They are great for keeping a permanent record of special events in your business. If you file them away, you can use them later to document the progress of your business.

Unfiltered Information

A press release, due to how it’s written (with guidelines and the specific newsworthy story), has truly unfiltered information without all the added fluff. Therefore, if your release is picked up, it will mean something to the audience.

Attracts New Audiences

Blogging and social media posts are great ways to get people to visit your website, but a press release can attract entirely new people outside of your normal circle of influence to come to your website.

Improves Your Brand Image

Successful businesses send out press releases. If you want your business to be taken seriously, you should be sending out regular press releases, when you release a new product, plan an event, or do something that is newsworthy in your niche.

Has Potential to Go Viral

Any well-crafted press release that you’ve send out that has something to do with current events will have the potential to become viral. Once something like that goes viral, you’d better be prepared for the onslaught of visitors to your website.

Great Additional Content on Your Website

When your press release is picked up by major players, link to that website with the press release on it as this gives you audience confidence in you. In other words it’s a great way to get information “as seen on” to impress your website visitors. This gives you additional content to talk about when you post your press releases.

Gives You Bragging Rights

When your press release is picked up by a major news source, it’s great to be able to put their logos on your website due to the fact that you’ve been seen in their publications.

If you don’t think press releases work, then you need to give them a try because as fewer and fewer people use them, so they become more effective. The next time you have a newsworthy event, experiment with sending out a press release. It’s important that you follow advice and get some professional help with sending them out, though. Also, don’t just send them in a way that they go everyplace; find out whom to send them to in advance and send them directly to the right people with a well-crafted personal message.

Eight Reasons Press Releases Still Work
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