Most businesses in today’s technological world use email to some extent in the daily workings of their company or business life. It has proven to be not only an effective, but also a cost-efficient way to keep in touch with business contacts, whether in the same building or around the world.

However, many companies have yet to realize the marketing potential they have at their fingertips when it comes to email. You can do much more with email that sending a company notice or memo regarding the next team meeting. Let’s consider some of the other ways email can be used from a marketing standpoint:

* Launching new products. This is definitely something you want to keep your clientele up to date on. By sending out an email a few weeks ahead of launch date, you could start getting people excited about something new in the works. A few days beforehand another email could be sent informing them of more details regarding the product. The punch comes when you give out all the details and attach a coupon for a rebate.

* Sending out email greetings. Put that information you collected for your list to good use. Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries given to you by each customer, and send out birthday or anniversary cards (either paper or electronic) to show how important your clientele is to you.

This can also apply to the holiday season. However, generic holiday greetings should be sent to avoid any misunderstandings. We recommend you go with the “Season’s Greetings” type messages. Little gestures such as these will leave a lasting impression. Your customers will know their patronage is valued, and will likely continue to do business with you.

* Giveaways and discounts. You can build your list by using it for the addition of incentives for your current list members. Offering a free gift or discount on their next purchase in relation to the number of referrals they provide may be just the right approach. This type of offer can also be passed down to any new member signing up for email updates. This is just another great way to get more traffic to your site, allowing more people to become aware of what you have to offer them.

* Company branded email. Just as companies and businesses have their own letterhead for memos and correspondence, you can achieve the same thing with outgoing email pages. Email newsletters or ezines are perfect outlets for promoting the company name. While getting updated information out to your current and potential clients, it’s a very cost-effective way to keep everyone up to date on new products and services you have to offer.

* Email marketing campaigns can provide you with tracking tools in order to allow a view of visitor statistics. This means you will see how many of your email recipients actually click through to your website or sales page. With this information you can judge what is useful information in your campaigns, as well as what isn’t.

Although these aren’t the only ways you can use email messages as part of your marketing toolbox, they are a good start. By taking the time to implement some of them in your business routines today, you will see how easy it is to grow your dream business of tomorrow.

Effective Ways to Use Email Marketing
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