Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, if you continue to do the things you have always done and expect different results then you are just crazy… yet this is what the clear majority of businesses are doing online in my opinion.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Does your business have a website?
  • Is it your businesses first website?
  • Is it structured correctly?
  • Is it setup correctly?
  • Does your website attract your target audience?
  • Do you even know who your target audience are?
  • Do you have an online sales funnel?
  • If it’s not your first business website, have you had it redesigned?
  • Did the structure of your website change?
  • Was the focus of your website changed?
  • Did you try something different?
  • etc.

You will know a local business, perhaps even your own that has had a website built and then had it rebuilt without the only real difference being that it looks fresh and new. Therein lies the problem, businesses all around the world are designing and redesigning websites without any real changes… with the expectation that the new website will perform better than the previous one.

Crazy isn’t it? It’s a little like buying a small family car and expecting it to perform like a formula one race car and then when it doesn’t, buying a similar sized family car with the same formula one expectation. It’s never going to perform like a formula one racing car and in a similar fashion a website that to all intense and purpose is simply re-skinned will never perform better than the previous website.

So instead of doing the same thing with your website over and over again, here are a few tips to point you in the right direction, a direction that should generate much better results.

What are the Goals of the Website

What goals do you have for your website, do you want to simple brochure style website with no real purpose, or do you want to attract your audience, generate leads, sales… etc. What will it need to achieve to be considered a success?

Who is your Target Audience?

Who are your best customers, those that spend eighty percent of your revenue whilst taking up just twenty percent of your time… these are the people you want to attract, learn everything you can about them.

Who is your Website focused on?

Far too many business websites are focused on the actual business, rather than their target audience. Make your customer your focus.

The TV Channel

Have you ever watched the TC channel? it’s a highly specialised sales channel with one aim, to make sales. If you spend a few minutes watching it, you can learn a lot… one take away almost all businesses can implement online, is focusing on a particular problem your customers have, pushing that problem to the extreme and then offering what seems a great solution. Look at ways you can implement something similar.

The Copy

Write your copy with your customer in mind, by understand your customer you understand their concerns and worries and can answer these as you lead them through your website.

Sales Funnel

Design your sales funnel and then simply work it, push your prospects in at the top, feed them through until they become customers and then add them to your existing customers sales funnels. Don’t simply expect sales, make them happen.


Does your business have a blog? Or have you heard that a blog takes a lot of time, is old school and doesn’t work? I like to think that BLOG stands for Business Leads Organically Generated, because if your blog like everything else is structured correctly and regularly updated, it will generate leads. I know, I’ve been blogging for years and have thousands of articles online.


Instead of simply going to a web designer and saying redesign my website and ending up with a nice new shinny version of your existing website. Invest some time and work out a new strategy that stands a much better chance or working and generating meaningful results you can measure. The above examples are limited but hopefully they serve the purpose of making you think differently about your website, because real results can be generated.

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Do You Continue to do the things you have always done and expect different results
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