Are you afraid of public speaking? I know I used to be and now, well I’ve speak as often as I can to small groups or large groups, it’s one of those things that once I got over my fear I actually enjoyed and low and behold I found out I was pretty good at it. If you are like me and have a desire to be a public speaker and have a talk or two that you can give about a popular topic, then all you really need to do is find the public speaking gigs that you want. There are many ways to do it, from paying to be listed on speaker’s lists, trade associations and more. Here are a few creative ways to get public speaking gigs fast.

Clubs and Associations

Not only should you approach clubs, organizations and associations that you have joined and offer your speaking skills, but you should also reach out to different organizations by sending them a media pack about your offerings, including your fees (if any) and how to contact you.

Universities and Colleges

You don’t have to be part of the alumni association to speak at colleges and universities. Contact the right department heads with your information about the talks you can give and the audience you’d like to speak to. Always include your fees and how to reach you.

Business Networking Groups

This is especially useful if your topic happens to be related to a particular type of business, marketing, motivation, sales, this type of subject matter goes down well. Send your speaker’s information to each group that you think may want to hear your talk. Send a sample of your work, and all the contact information too.

Your Current Clients

You never know if your current clients need speakers for their businesses or organizations if you don’t ask. Send out an information packet to each of your clients so that they know what you offer.

Other Speakers You Know

If you know other speakers, ask them how they find speaking gigs and if they think you’d fit in anywhere they’ve given speeches. If they know who to contact or will make introductions, that will help you get your foot in the door.

Online Opportunities

Believe it or not, today you can actually get speaking gigs right from the comfort of your own home (or your hotel) due to the advent of online technology like Google Hangouts Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and – not to mention all the webinar technologies that exist like GoToWebinar and Adobe Connect.

Links: –
GoToWebinar –
Adobe Connect –

Industry Magazines

Subscribe to as many industry magazines as you can because they will often list events that are happening with calls for speakers to apply. They’ll provide full directions for what to send when you apply to speak. Many events pay well, while some just give you free accommodations and other perks.

Google It

Do a Google Search for “speakers needed” or “call for speakers” within your industry. This is a great way to find speaking events that you can apply for. Be sure to set up a Google Alert if you get a good search result so that you’ll stay ahead of the events.

Big Businesses

Large business, corporations and organizations often need speakers for various types of events, from motivational, to training and more. Send your information to the right departments to get the best results.

Create a specific speaker’s area on your website, including a media kit and a one-page flyer that says what you speak about and about your background and how to reach you). It won’t hurt to also include a video of the talks you’ve given so far. If you don’t have that, include an introductory video so that people can see your style.

Public speaking is fun, addictive and not only pushes you personally but it can also push your business forward to new highs… and if you become well known the fees you can demand are outstanding.

Creative Ways to Get Public Speaking Gigs
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