With any sales funnel you have to always remember that your main overall goal is to convert prospects into customers and generate sales. Sales are the final goal of every sales funnel. When you understand this and its crystal clear what the real point of a sales funnel is, you can then start to understand what you can cut out of your sales funnels. There are so many things added to sales funnels that are just extra noise, bells and whistles that you don’t need and that could actually distract people from making those sales.

Plan Out your Sales Funnel

The more you plan each funnel out, the better it will work. Draw out how you want the process to work for each particular situation. Whether people come to the entry point through email, a guest blog post, your website, an advertisement or elsewhere matters. It matters whether they’re hot or cold leads, a specific segment of your target audience or not, and this should be acknowledged through the process.

Identify Segments

When you know which segments of your audience you are dealing with, you’ll be able to create better funnels that are more relevant to them. The more relevant the funnel is, the more likely it is to convert the sale. Think of it like this, if you’re attracting only people that speak Spanish there is no point in speaking English to them, they won’t understand it. You will only know this, if you know which audience segment you are attracting to your sales funnel.

Qualify Your Leads

Sending unqualified leads to any sales page to go through any sales funnel will not be as successful as it could be. It’s best to be picky about who you send through your funnels to ensure that you are only working with targeted audiences. You’ll improve your conversion rate exponentially and you’ll maximise all your activities to attract this specific audience.

Combine Steps

Get rid of all those extra steps when they’re not needed. If you’ve done the work to qualify people, you don’t need to convince them as much and use as many steps to move them through to the choice to buy. Instead of having them opt in and then sending them a link to a download page, once they buy, send them right to the download/thank you page.

Remove Opt-In Requirement for Buyers

Don’t make people opt in or become a member of your website when they decide to make a purchase. Send them right to the shopping cart, let them check out, get their product and choose to opt in as a buyer if they want to. Incentivize them to opt in without requiring them to do so. They’ve purchased, which is the main point.

Avoid Too Many Upsells

Upselling is a good thing in most cases, and will increase per checkout totals and boost your revenue substantially. However, too many upsells can be a real turn off for many buyers. Find unobtrusive ways to include one or two upsells at the most, or try upselling after the fact through the product information.

Include a Confirmation Page / Download Page

Sending your buyers straight to a confirmation page is important so they know that their purchase went through successfully. If you’re selling hard items, keep it as just a confirmation / thank you page, but if you’re selling a digital item, make that confirmation page a download page (instant digital delivery) and thank you page all in one.

Be Mobile Friendly

The days of not having a mobile friendly website are over. If your website, sales pages, and download pages aren’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on an untold number of sales, not to mention search engine traffic.

Remove confusing items and clutter from your sales funnels to maximize results. You don’t need to include every single component possible in every single sales funnel, that’s just overkill. For example, if someone wants to buy your product due to attending your webinar, send them right to the shopping cart rather than our generic sales page. You already have them hooked, so reel them in and make the sale… the more steps you make hooked prospects make the more you risk them slipping off the hook.

Streamlining Your Sales Funnels
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