Getting a higher click through rate isn’t only about your internal message. After all, before you can ever get them to click through, you need to get them to open the email. Therefore, it all starts from the day they sign up for your email list through to them clicking through, including where they land.

1. Create Compelling Subject Lines

The first thing your audience sees when they get your email is the subject line. This needs to explain what’s inside without tricking them, while at the same time making them want to open it.

2. Use a Real Name in the From Line

The next thing your audience sees is who the email is from. If it has a name they don’t recognize or a business name, they may feel as if it’s not important. But if you use your own name, they’re going to be more likely to open it than if it’s a generic name (or worse, “no-reply”).

3. Segment Your Email Lists

The other thing that helps get your emails open and into the right hands is proper segmentation. Someone who has already bought certain things from you should not be getting promotional messages about that thing. They should get an email that says, “You bought D, you’re going to absolutely love E.”

4. Explain to Them What’s in It for Them

In the message that you create, you want to educate them about what’s in it for them. You then want them to go further and click through without sounding like a used car salesman. The way you do this is that you explain the benefits of the solution, because all they really want to know is what’s in it for them.

5. Create Every Message with a Clear Goal

When you first start crafting any message to your audience, you need to know what the goal is. Why do you want them to click through to look at that sales page? Why do you think this is for them? What do you hope to accomplish?

6. Craft a Clear Call to Action

When you create a call to action, you want to use great verbs that speak to your audience. Use emotional words that connect you to them.

7. Give Them a Reason to Act

They want to know what’s in it for them and why they should do what you want them to do. Give them a why. That’s really all they need. They probably already want what you’re offering; they just need to be pushed over the edge to know why this is right, such as fear of missing out.

8. Make It Simple

Don’t be confusing about your links. In an email, you’ll need to point out the link that you want them to click. If you don’t, they may not click it. You can use text-based with regular links or HTML-based with big buttons, but whatever you use, you really need to point it out and make it easy.

9. Provide an Amazing Experience

Once your list members click through, the final way to ensure they keep clicking through is not to disappoint. If you can wow your audience at every step of the way, they’re going to be so much more likely to answer your calls to action.

If you want your audience to act, you need to start from the day they sign up for your email list, training them about what to expect. In other words, tell them from the first email (which they’re more likely to open) what they’re going to receive from you, how often, and how important it is for them to open the emails. Finally, write clear calls to action that make sense.

Nine Tactics for Improving Your Email Click Through Rate
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