Get An Unfair Marketing Advantage With HeatmapsWhen it comes to winning out over the competition, no legal advantage is worth missing out on. Web marketing is particularly challenging when your company is introducing a new website in a field with well-established leaders. Without proper adjustments and continual updates, it’s easy for even the best designs to eventually fail to provoke the proper consumer response. This kind of maintenance is essential for established web presences as well. Of course, it’s no use to simply make random changes and hope your visitors respond well to them. Tactical information gathering is necessary–and heat maps give you an advantage for marketing purposes that other forms of analytics simply don’t provide.

What You Usually Get

Everyone’s got some form of tracking installed on their website now, but these simple bits of code only collect so much data from each visitor. There’s little reason to try to use a website for marketing purposes if you don’t know who is visiting or where they’re coming from. However, there is a more advanced form of website use testing and tracking currently available. Using an advanced heat mapping system will make it quick, easy, and affordable to see what users are doing when they arrive on your website.

Get An Unfair Marketing Advantage With HeatmapsA Complete Recording Of Activity

Heat mapping is a visual way of tracking visitor statistics. While basic analytics may display that you received 10,000 hits yesterday, it won’t tell you what they clicked on the most. Raw numbers are only so useful when trying decide where to put a button or link to get the most attention. This complete system includes:

  • Scroll Tracking – See what users are skipping over and what makes them linger. You may find that your best content or product features are never seen because they’re below the fold on the page.
  • Eye Tracking – Watch where eyes linger to get effective feedback on website changes as soon as you make them. It’s easy and informative to conduct A/B page testing with this advanced feature, even without the high cost of hiring participants for staged usability testing.
  • Click Mapping – Is one part of your navigational bar being neglected? Which call to action or image is attracting the most attention? Comparing click and linger patterns instantly highlights which parts of the layout are working and which ones still need adjustment.
  • Full Statistics – Of course, the system also includes all of the statistics you expect out of a tracking program. You will know what pages get the most visits and the sources of your best traffic levels.
  • Video Recordings – Have you ever wished to sit over the shoulder of visitors as they check out your website? The complete video recordings give you a chance to do it without having to invade anyone’s personal space.

Get An Unfair Marketing Advantage With HeatmapsBuilding A Better Site

With all the insights you can gather from visual click and eye tracking heat maps, making decisions on what to change is a breeze. Barriers to conversion takes little more than a glance as you examine what’s being ignored. Even if you already have a professional or a team managing your analytics and optimization, the valuable tools including in this heatmap system makes it worth investing in on your own. is an FX Digital website, which we utilise for our clients… should anyone reading this wish to avail themselves of a free trial simply contact us and we’ll organise it for the first twenty or so people… it works on all website platforms.

Get An Unfair Marketing Advantage With Heatmaps
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