Is your website, landing page or sales page generating as many sales and leads and you expected or is it turning away potential buyers. I’ve spent years studying this and I’ve detailed just five of the most common conversion killers below, if you website is suffering with any of these you might want to fix it super-fast so that you can see the sales number increase.

Nothing is as important as the sales page copy when it comes to converting prospects into sales. It can actually be argued that your product doesn’t really matter, you can convert sales if you get the sales page right, no matter what the product. You of course have a great product or service, so you shouldn’t miss out on sales due to these five conversion killers.

Clunky Sentences

Most people try to be too clever with word usage, don’t. Form sentences correctly in the language of your target customer (niche) and they will understand it better and you’ll see a higher conversion rate. Learning to write succinctly takes practice, the more you do it the better you’ll become. If you aren’t good at it, hire a professional copywriter to help you.

Example: “Learning to write concisely and succinctly takes some practice.”

This sentence can say the same thing more clearly by simply taking out the redundant words. Since “concisely” and “succinctly” mean the same thing, remove one to make the sentence less clunky. The word “some” is also not needed here; it is an unnecessarily qualifier.

Features over Benefits

Many would-be successful entrepreneurs get caught in this trap. They love all the features of their product and can’t help but talk about them. They forget that the audience doesn’t care about the features; they care about the benefits. The audience cares about what exactly the product does for them. Describe exactly what problems your products solves and you’ll automatically convert more sales than you would if you focus on features.

Unanswered Questions

As you create your sales page, have a list of questions that your audience might ask and try to weave the answers into your product descriptions. Remember that your audience wants to know what’s in it for them. They want to know how your product solves their problems. You need to anticipate your audience’s objections with answers overcoming those objections throughout the sales page copy.

Disconnected Images

Most people are very influenced by the images that you choose to put on your sales pages and website. If you choose the wrong images, you could kill their desire to buy. Picking the right images requires you to take the time to ensure that the image accurately represents the product and the written words about the product. In addition, the colors you choose really do matter.

Weak Call To Actions

One of the biggest killers of conversions is the weak call to action. Your call to action is a very important component of every sales page you create – without it, there will be no sales. Your call to action should be direct, different and demanding to be effective. Finally, it should be simple to understand so that they know what to do next. Your call to action should make your audience curious enough to keep moving forward in the process, and it should be a clean and easy process to complete the transaction.

As I love to give added tips, I would recommend that every with a sales page uses heat maps and A/B Split testing. Heat Maps will tell you what people do on your page, while A/B Split Testing will allow you to test different calls to action to find out what actually works and what doesn’t.

Take the time to go over your sales copy to ensure that you aren’t practicing any of these conversion killers. It only takes minor tweaks to improve conversions and it’s in your power to make these changes today.

Five Conversion Killers
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