A lot of the people I talk to get confused between websites and blogs, whereas in reality blogs are websites and websites are blogs nowadays, at least they should be. Many business owners will spend a small fortune developing the best website that they can, it fails because it’s not interactive and is rarely updated. They then decide to add a blog and head off to Blogger or WordPress.com to create a free blog, or even worse they try to use social media as a blogging platform. They then put lots of content on their blog / social media with the sole aim of sending traffic from their blog to their website and this never works and defeats the whole purpose of having a blog.

Blogs Bring Targeted Website Traffic

When a blog is incorporated within a website it acts as the single biggest element that will bring in website traffic. When creating your blog posts, you’ll incorporate organic keyword rich content that your target customers want to find and read. They’ll search for that content using the search engines and they’ll find it and visit your website. Once reading your blog that are already on your website, where you want them to be without any extra steps. This is why many online marketing experts say that you need to blog, and blog often but what most leave out is that you need to blog on your own website.

You Don’t Own Free Blogs

Even if you upgrade to your own domain name with a free blog, so that it looks like a website, you don’t own the real estate and have no real control. For instance they can delete your content any time they want to if you write something they don’t like, or do anything outside of their terms and conditions. Not true on your own website that resides on your own paid-for server space, in other words your own real estate. You wouldn’t build a house on land you don’t own so why would you build your business, online.

Blogs Are Great Ways to Share Information

Visitors to your website should be able to subscribe to your blog, as it’s a great way to push out information to your customers and potential customers. You can set up your autoresponder system to actually email out your new blog posts to your subscribers each time a new blog is written or however you wish to schedule it. It’s a simple and automatic way to create a great newsletter while also attracting highly targeted traffic to your website.

Blogs Are Engaging and Interactive

One of the best ways in which you can increase traffic to your website through your blog is by opening up the comments section. Then ask your audience open ended questions that they can answer right on your blog (in the comments section). This is called user-generated content, and user-generated content can cause a firestorm of website traffic when encouraged and the right questions are asked and answered.

Successful Websites are Dynamic

A good website today is dynamic and ever changing, if you don’t update your website’s content on a regular basis, Google will not crawl your website on a regular basis and thus your search engine rankings will drop over time and be lower, than those websites that do. This is the same for all search engine technology, no matter what search engine your customers use. A blog is a simple way to update your website as often as possible with engaging, interesting, keyword-rich and relevant content. It’ll keep the search engines interested and more importantly it’ll maintain the interest of your target audience.

If you don’t have a blog on your website, and you’re currently blogging elsewhere, you can easily add a blog to your website using WordPress.org’s self-hosted technology. If you’re not sure how to do this, simply ask below in the comments section. But it’s basically as simple as installing WordPress on your server, in the right directory and in many cases you can import your previous blog posts to the new blog on your own website.

Just look at this website, website-designs.com it’s build completely around a blog, it’s updated daily and it generates many thousands of visitors and numerous leads and sales, this is the potential power a blog brings to any business.

Your Blog Should Be on Your Own Website
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