Almost every small business can benefit for hiring a writing, the improvement in audience engagement almost always guarantees a better conversion rate, however it can be difficult to determine what type of writing you want. There are different types of writing, each requiring different skills that you need to promote your small business.

It’s really easy to think that all writing is the same and anyone that can write can perform all writing tasks, but it’s not. There is however writing to communicate and then there is writing to sell.

Writing to Communicate

This style of writing is what small businesses need to communicate information to potential and future customers. It includes such things as blog posts, white papers, advertorials, eBooks and other informational type content, this is what a content writer creates. This type of writing is intended to educate, inform, engage and inspire.

Writing to Sell and Make Sales

This style of writing is often referred to as copywriting however it is also mistakenly used and as such I prefer to call this style “sales copywriting” as this is a special form of writing using highly specialized skills. Writing to sell is all about your sales pages, sales emails, direct mails, websites and brochures, in fact anywhere you want your content to produce sales. This is specialist form of writing and is exclusively focused on generating sales, it uses tools of the trade like emotional trigger words, assumptive closes that all help a reader choose to make a purchase.

Content Marketing

Content marketing predominantly is writing to communicate as you want to educate and inform an audience, however that isn’t to say that good content marketing doesn’t include some light forms of sales copywriting because it does. Each piece of content that is created for content marketing purposes has to have a reason for existing and in terms of writing this means the writer must be able to write in such a style as to achieve these goals without overtly selling, like a sales page for instance. In its truest form content as blog posts created for content marketing purposes should be search engine optimized as one of the most often overlooked aspects of real content marketing is that it is supposed to also attract an audience to you.

The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to get your audience to do something and only when these come together, is this content marketing … Steve Cartwright

Sales Page Writing

A sales page needs to inform and engage your audience, however its sole purpose for existing is to compel the audience member reading it to take action. This is hard-core sales copywriting such as you would also use on display advertising, banner advertisements and email marketing messages as each is designed to generate sales. This type of writing is completely different from content writing, even when content writing is spruced up with some good copywriting.

They’re Different but Can Be Combined

It’s extremely beneficial to understand the difference between writing to sell and writing to communicate. For reference’s sake, what you are reading right now is an example of writing to communicate, especially as this is part of my own content marketing strategy. You are hopefully being given a lot of information, learning a few things, and as you can see there are no emotional trigger words being used to get you to make a purchase. However, that can change. If, at the end of this blog post, the point is for you to purchase or sign up for something, it will soon become clear, by the types of words I choose to use.

Good copywriting helps with every type of writing a business may need. It’s in the headlines of a blog post, which can mean the difference between just a few visitors or hundreds. It’s in the headline of the next email marketing message you send out. Copywriting is what makes you want to read the next word written and drives you to want to learn more. Copywriting brings life to the words on the page or the screen, are you getting the message?

Without good copywriting, no one will read what you have to say. If you want results from the content that you push out to the world, learn as much as you can about copywriting or as with all skills shortages in business, hire an expert.

Writing to Sell versus Writing to Communicate
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