If you’re like me you would have sat through numerous long sales pitches and at the end, not remembered any of it. The presentation was just too long and boring and your mind drifted off towards more pleasant and engaging thoughts.

This is because it is much, much easier for someone to remember short pieces of information over much longer ones. Which is precisely why some of the most successful marketing firms use effective, short headlines to sell their clients products and services.

These same principles apply to long presentations, if you were for example to give a seminar all about content marketing. The majority of your attendees would remember that your seminar was on the topic of content marketing. They would however not necessarily remember or recall all of the details in between such as audience personas, understanding what to write and the different types of content.

When it comes to marketing to your prospective customers you want to apply the short and sweet tactic to your campaigns. The easiest way to accomplish this is by the use of advantageous headlines.

By taking the time to learn and study how to write effective headlines you can really help your create more click through traffic for your content marketing articles, as well as outbound advertising for that matter and it will ultimately help create more buyers of your products. When writing your headlines you want to try and include as much detail as possible into them.

Look around you for examples of headlines that work and attract your attention. The next time you check your emails, make a note of all of those subject lines that speak to you (appeal to you) and consider why. You could also create a swipe file of all of the headlines you find compelling. This can help you when it comes time to write your own headlines.

Pay particular attention on social media and look out for those pay per click advertisements and look for good headlines. Another awesome source of headline ideas are magazines. It’s the headlines that pulls people in and sells their magazine each month, so really pay attention to the way they are used.

Here are some basic tips for writing compelling headlines:

  • Use actionable words – How to do something in 3 easy steps.
  • Be short – try to use around 8 to 10 words only in your headline.
  • Use keywords -this applies to using headlines on your blog. Try to incorporate any keywords you are trying to rank for in your headline.
  • Be clear – ensure that you headline is simple, clear and easily understood.
  • Imply confidence – use words such as the best you’ve ever seen.
  • Be intriguing – add an air of mystery to your headline as this will help draw the reader in and have them wanting to know.

The more you start using headlines, the more you study them and the more you understand what works for your audience and what doesn’t, the better you will become at writing them and the more effective they will become.

Writing Headlines That Sell
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