You have no doubt heard that you need to have unique content on your websites blog, but did you know that you also need unique content when guest blogging too? Unique content is essential to any blog’s wellbeing and popularity. Google was set up to serve the best and most relevant content to its users, by having lots of unique content Google will send traffic to your website as it will view it as authoritative. Duplicate content simply gives Google a good reason not to see your website as authorities and therefore doesn’t send visitors your way.

Content Is Still King

Original content is perhaps the most important aspect of anyone’s online presence. Seriously… all the different types of content you publish on your blog, or someone else’s as a guest, needs to be considered unique by the search engines for Google to care about it.

Understand what Google’s Role Is

Googles role isn’t to send you traffic, Google’s one and only role is to deliver relevant content to their audience. They don’t want to send them to the same article, spun in various ways until it looks and reads poorly. It’s their purpose to send their audience the correct information. When you understand this, you’ll soon understand that your job is to provide your audience with unique and relevant content so that Google can do its job.

Different Formats

There are many forms of content such as infographics, videos, articles, memes, podcasts and so forth. Focus on providing a variety of content so that you can repurpose your content without making duplicate or spun blog posts.

Quality and Relevant Content Matters

As you focus on providing unique content, remember that quality and relevance matter as well. When you focus on delivering real value to your audience, the uniqueness is almost built in automatically.

Deliver Real Value

Google wants each webpage where it sends its audience to be of value to them, if not highly valuable. If you can focus on providing high value to your audience, you’ll be much more likely to get in Google’s attention for all the right reasons.

You Could Look Like a Plagiarizer

It’s important to focus on unique content so that Google doesn’t think you’re ripping off other people’s content and trying to scam people. When Google crawls a site and sees duplicate content, it penalizes the site because of that potential.

Provide Your Unique Perspective

Don’t worry if you want to tell the same story someone else is telling; that’s not the problem. You simply need to add your own unique perspective and opinions. For example, if you want to write an article similar to this, you could enhance some sections and share your own thoughts on others… making the post your own, but using this as your research base.

Create Your Own Content and Purchase More

Getting enough content under these circumstances can seem like a hard thing to do and it really is. But, you can combine content you’ve created with content you’ve bought, to give you the edge.

Creating unique original content doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is important, not just because you want the search engines to recognize you as authoritative and send you visitors, but more importantly because you want your website visitors to find real value in your content. This means creating content first and foremost for your audience and only secondarily for the search engines.

Why Unique Content Matters Even with Guest Blogging
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