No matter how good the content you create, your headline is the first thing potential audience members see, In fact, if your headline doesn’t engage them, it’s most likely the only thing they will see.

When you create a headline you want it to attract your audiences’ attention, to motivate them to click through to your article and to read the first paragraph. It then becomes the role of each paragraph to continue to engage and to move your audience through your well-crafted piece of content. However, it all starts with the headline and without it, nothing else can happen.

Content Marketers Love Headline Formulas

Headlines can be difficult to write, much of this is due to the immense pressure a content marketer puts on themselves to create something that works and makes people click through to read that awesome blog post they have crafted. It’s almost a competition to see which one performs the best, there are however headline templates and formulas that help make the job of crafting a great headline a little easier. Using such a formula you should be able to come up with a quality, top-notch and high converting headline.

One proven headline formula is called the double headline. A double headline is as its name suggests essentially two headlines together. Each headline could almost, stand on its own, let’s look at a few double headlines:

Why Every Small Business needs to have a Blog — And How to easily manage it.


Why Quarterly Analysis can Increase Visitors by 48%: The Five Key Metrics


The Steve Cartwright Method: Utilizing Content marketing and Social Media marketing to dominate your niche.

As you can see from the three examples above, each headline is in fact made up of two separate headlines, with one headline generally being stronger than the other. I liken it to ordering a large double rather than a single liquor the first one draws you in and the second gives you the bedazzle.

The first parts of the headline is therefore to capture your attention and draw you in, while the second parts captures your attention fully, making you want to read more. And just like a double scotch, once you’ve had one you want to more (to read more).

Don’t worry too much about the punctuation between headlines, at times it seems that almost anything goes. Some copywriters even change the font used for each headline to emphasize the separation.

Generally speaking the first headline is usually the stronger headline, the one that could potentially stand on its own. This is important as it sets the tone and convinces your audience to take in the second part of the headline through curiosity, emotions, and sometimes powerful language – like the word FREE.

Try this technique with your next blog post and watch those click throughs, don’t however and overdo things by making all of your headlines like this, as with all things to do with content marketing, mix it up a little for better results.

Why Double Headlines Work and How to Write Them.
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