Content marketing is perfect for any business, it involves writing engaging content that delivers real value to your audience and that will bring them back to your website time and time again as they seek out more and more content. If you think of search engines, they were invented to search and easily locate content that best meets their needs. From a content marketing perspective this is very useful, because you are giving the search engines exactly what they want, lots of well-crafted engaging content. This will ultimately be rewarded as more and more of your content is indexed within the search engines, leading to visitors search for a finding your website predominantly using long-tail keyword and phrases.

More importantly content marketing allows you to develop real relationships with your audience, to establish and build trust and to position yourself as an authority figure within your industry niche. Let’s think about this for a moment, if you create enough content, not only will the search engines send you more website visitors but the content you create will help builds relationships and convince your audience that you actually know what you are talking about and that they had better trust you.

This is important for any website or business, but if you sell a service or product, this becomes absolutely critical to your online success.

How Most People Think Content Marketing Works

The vast majority of people have the unfortunate misconception that content marketing is useful for delivering short-term results. They hope to be able to create a few great articles or blog posts, share these on their website and then magically they expect to see a swarm of traffic as a result. Worse still they expect that a reasonable number of people will share this content around the internet and that a good proportion of this traffic will be converted into paying customers. I see this all of the time, people write blog post after blog post, normally their best articles, hitting the submit button as often as they can until they burn out… and all the time hoping to see thousands of new sales within just a few short weeks of creating content.

How Content Marketing Really Works In the Real World

But that’s not how content marketing works at all, instead after writing all of your best articles, you’re more likely to attract no visitors or if you’re lucky just a few people will read your content to begin with. Of these readers you might find a few that actually read to the end of your article and with a bit of luck they’ll think “that was good.”

Then they’ll leave your website and forget you completely and not think of you again…

Until that is, they stumble upon another one of your articles either via the search engines or perhaps via your promotions on social media, and with luck they’ll recognize your branding and think, I’ve been here before and the content I found was great. That will be two great articles they have read on your website now, but low and behold off they go again, impressed with your content but not particularly moved.

Once this happens a few times, they’ll realize that you’re creating content about the things that matter to them, and they might leave a comment or bookmark your website in their favorites bar. And the odd few might subscribe to your newsletter, or start following you on Twitter or whatever your chosen social media platform is, so that they can keep abreast of new content that might interest them.

And then eventually there may come a time when this person or company needs someone to provide a service or product that your company provides… and because they know you, like you and trust you, they more often than not, turn to you to provide this service or product and give you the sale.

That’s why content marketing is such a powerful marketing tool, it builds long term relationships, that establishes expertise and sales automatically follow, however it’s a long term game and most definitely not a short term one.

Content marketing takes on average four to six months to start generating any sort of results and it takes over twelve months of continual work before your blog, that’s part of your website is considered established… however once it is, the magic that is content marketing can really start to generate results.

The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to get your audience to do something and only when these come together, is this content marketing … Steve Cartwright

If you need help establishing your own content marketing solution, would like someone to work with you and provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan or perhaps you want someone to work with you and make it all happen for you, feel free to contact me. I’m currently ranked within the top ten content marketing influencers in the world… and I’ve learned my skills by actually doing and producing results…

Why Content Marketing is Perfect For Any Business
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