Blogging when done correctly will attract your audience to you. This means that your blogging activities can feature well within the search engines with the promise of increased traffic, email subscribers and customers, it often seems as if the more you blog the better. There are however many reasons why more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to blogging.

Your Blog Has No Focus

Creating a whole bunch of short blog posts that have no real purpose other than SEO isn’t going to help, if the blog posts are not focused and they have no defined purpose. You need to find a voice for your content (business) and once you have found it you need to ensure everything you create uses this voice and only this voice.

You Don’t Understand Your Niche

Understand all of the details, no matter how small about your niche is important. If you don’t, how are you ever going to write blog posts that your audience find useful and that engage them on their terms?

Your Blog Posts Has No Reason for Being

If you are constantly creating blog posts without any purpose, it’s going to be almost impossible to get any sort of real permanent readership. You will end up attracting lots of one time viewers, but if they click around and fail to find any cohesiveness they’ll just leave. If you can get them to hang around and come back, by giving your blog posts a purpose then those call to actions will start to work.

You Don’t Understand Your Audience

If you create blog posts that speak Greek and your audience all speak English, your blog posts are never going to speak to your audience. It’s imperative that you study and understand fully your audience, so that you know the right words to use to express what you need to say and generate the emotions and results you want.

Your Writing Is Stiff and Uninteresting

The purpose of content is to not only attract an audience to you via the search engines but to also tell a story that engages and entertains your audience. If all you are doing, and I see this all of the time, is creating content for the sake of it. To try and manipulate the search engines and fool people into visiting in order that your sales pages will make your cash registers ring, you’ll fail. You’re sales pages will never generate sales and you’re website bounce rate will be tremendous as people land on your website and simply leave. Creating quality content that speaks and engages your niche audience that tells a story your niche is interested in, in an intelligent way is much more important than having more content.

You’re Not Including Other Types of Content

I have to admit that I’m somewhat guilty of this, no one is perfect especially me. Blogging is really much more than written text nowadays. Ideally you should include a variety of formats, such as video, inforgraphics and more as this enables you to really engage all segments of your audience.

You’re Not Curating Other People’s Content

Lots of other people in your niche have important things to add to the discussions you are having with your audience. If you can find well-crafted content that will interest your audience, share it and add your own thoughts and opinions as an introduction because by doing so, your audience will view the content through your eyes.

You Aren’t Promoting Blog Posts That You Have

Creating a blog post is just the start, after you have hit the publish button you actually have to promote it. And I know this is contrary to what some believe as they believe that search engines should deliver the traffic, which they will however if you are not spending your time promoting your blog posts, which incidentally will aid SEO then perhaps they aren’t that good and shouldn’t have been published. Promoting blog posts, and all content for that matter, increases your audience, grows your specific area of influence and that can only be good for your cash flow.

When starting a blog, it’s extremely important to craft a simple plan of action, rather than to just write and trust to luck. Understand your audience, take the time to optimize each blog post it isn’t hard and will help you feature well in the search engines. Never ever skimp on promoting every blog post that you create. Because spending all your time writing and none focusing on these other issues won’t give you the business you want, but doing all of these things will.

Why Blogging More Isnt Always Better
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