I set up a small networking breakfast approximately eight years ago and our small group get together twice a month for breakfast and a catch up, we chat about business issues and anything else that takes our fancy as we’re all really good friends and nothing is really off topic. At last week’s breakfast Brian from Ecomist WA featured heavily telling us stories of his past jobs, now Brian has led an interesting life and has a plenitude of stories to tell, many of which are extremely interesting and funny and of a time now disappearing. Brian is thinking of writing a book, “The Real Life of Brian”… however he like you, might like to make the topic of your blog about your life, it can even become your niche.

Have you contacted a disease and been cured? Are you getting a divorce? Do you have a special needs child? Or are you experiencing other turmoils in your life that you are willing to blog about publicly? If you are going through something difficult, you can bet that others are also going through similar things.

Bare Your Soul

If you are willing to bare all and learn as you blog, blogging about the curve balls life has thrown you can not only be therapeutic but also profitable. It doesn’t have to be exploitive either. People like reading about others who are going through the same thing they are. They are also willing to buy coaching, eBooks, and proven information to help them through the same turmoil created by someone who has been there. Being there, or having been there, gives you credibility that simple education cannot provide.

Life Happens

Even if you have a normal blog for your business, blogging about the turmoil in your life can be beneficial if you can find a way to make sure that it fits, your target audience. For instance, if you are an affiliate marketer who has experienced issues such as an ill child, spouse or parent, blogging about what has happened can humanize you, help you get support for your emotional needs, and show how flexible your business is because it allows you to deal with family issues.

When Failing Is Succeeding

Other types of turmoil can also be beneficial, such as a business failures. We all know that not every single idea works out. You can document a specific example of something you’ve tried that did not work out, and why it did not work out. You can use your turmoil as an example of what not to do, or what you will do different next time to make the idea work out better. Again, the admission of failure humanizes you, and going through in a step-by-step fashion what went wrong and what went right can not only help your audience, it can help you, too.

Whether family, financial or business turmoil, there is always an opportunity in turmoil to learn and create. If you think about it, turmoil in life is what creates the need for solutions. Having the lack of time to do everything you want to do creates the need for hiring someone to help, such as a virtual assistant, a content writer, or even a nanny. Having a sick relative that needs your care can create within you a thankfulness for the business you’re in that allows you to be flexible, and in the process helps you figure out more ways to be even more flexible without ruining your business.

Sometimes Life Throws You a Curve Ball,  Blog about It!
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