Most blog posts created for search engine optimization or for traffic building purposes using keywords have very generalized content. You know the sort of content, reasonably written but without any real flair for the audience, the sort of articles you used to see on article marketing websites. They tend to be about 300 – 400 words in length, and they cover a very small piece of a highly focused niche topic. The whole point of the content is to try and generate a good ranking for a particular keyword or long tail keyword phrase within the search engines.

By contrast, the point of authority content is to impart information to the reader seemingly without regard for keywords. These are well-researched and well-written articles go beyond generalities, though they often still focus on only one small aspect of a topic. They are usually longer, over 500 words and they are written with the sole purpose of audience engagement. They should be formatted for good SEO however this is definitely of secondary concern.

Authority Content Seeks to Earn Incoming Links

Whereas general content placement on article marketing websites isn’t exactly buying links, it is considered almost as bad by search engines so I would advise against it, in fact you’d be mad to try and gain links via this method nowadays. Authority content websites tend to just focus on pushing out more useful and relevant content on their own website, and curate other informative content to link to if needed. This generates lots credibility as other people link to it as a resource without being asked to, which in turn actually helps improve search engine ranking.

Authority Content Covers a Variety of Keywords

On most authority websites, the content will rank for many different keywords, often times without even trying to rank for that keyword. Since an authority website covers all aspects of a niche and not just a micro aspect, it is possible for each subpage and subsection of an authority website to rank high on search engines. Take the website I run, this website is an authority website and it has lots of pages that rank extremely well within the search engines.

Authority Content Links to Itself

To create an authority website you’ll need to link to your own content. As you create more content for your authority website, you’ll link to old content that is relevant but that is ranking for a different keyword or keyword phrase. You don’t want to focus every page on the same exact keywords; you’ll need hundreds of keywords for a true authority website. Therefore, you’ll create a lot of authority content to go into that website.

Authority Content Is Not Dependent on Algorithms

This is what I love about authority website, when search engines change their search algorithms, many website owners with lots of content cringe with fear. But, those who have authority websites with lots authority based content aren’t worried. They know that they have high quality content that is relevant to their search terms and niche market. After all, the reason why Google changes tactics often is because as internet marketers figure out the key tricks to beat Google, Google has to figure out how to return relevant, high-quality search results to their audience.

Authority Content Is Relevant First, Yet Uses Basic SEO Content Rules

When writing authority content, focus on the topic and creating a well-written article or blog post that engages the audience is foremost. Many authors then go back and add in the current basic SEO rules such as including the keyword phrase in your article headings, meta-description, page title, image alt tag and page URL. In addition, use the general rules about headers, headings and anchor text being keywords too, in fact that’s all there really is to SEO nowadays.

Authority content seeks to solve a basic problem for the target audience, whether that is to answer a question, tell the reader how to do something, or to engage the reader in something else. The articles and posts written for an authority website need a reason for being there in order to qualify as authority content. They aren’t just written to stuff the site with keywords. They are written to provide a real service to the readers and to provide real answers to the target audience, this is why many authority websites focus on educating their audience on a niche topic.

Whats the Difference Between Authority Content versus General Content?
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