If you have a business with a sales force, no matter how large or small chances are you want to promote that business online and for it to stand out from the crowd and for your business to be seen as a market leader. Content marketing is most likely the best strategy for your business moving forward, however to understand what is content marketing, it’s helpful to look at it in the wider context of web marketing, SEO and SMO before details what is content marketing.

Online Marketing

To many people online marketing primarily means SEO or search engine optimization. This is essentially what it sounds like, it’s the process of optimizing a website such that it will show up within the search engines at a higher ranked position that it did previously.

Search engine optimization involves the modification of website coding to ensure it is set up to as SEO friendly as possible. It also involves the building of back links to your website across the Internet, as well as creating or adding content to your own website that is written is a particular way, with titles, content and image alt tags containing keyword phrases for example. To gain links on other websites, those optimizing and webmasters will often contact other bloggers and send them free content that they can publish in exchange for linking back to the authors website. This is commonly called “guest blogging or guest posting” nowadays.

Social Media Optimization or SMO, essentially entails creating and editing social media accounts in order to gain followers who you can then promote your website and your content to.

The Crucial Role of Content

As you can see and now doubt if you think about it, both SMO and SEO rely heavily on content, in fact it’s fair to say that without content you would struggle to achieve both of these tasks. Original relevant content is what people are searching for when they use search engines and the search engines strive to deliver the best, most relevant results. Websites therefore need lots of great content in order to show within the search engines and in order to provide any value to the user. Meanwhile, social media is often used mainly to share the content that’s on that blog, so again it relies heavily on content being created.

But What is Content Marketing

Content marketing simply takes this idea and runs with it, putting the creation of great original content of real value to a business’s target audience right at the fore of the strategy. Content marketing involves creating regular, compelling content that people are going to want to come back to keep reading. This will then not only demonstrate to the search engines that you are delivering value, but you will also create more potential ‘long tail’ keywords within your text. Greatly helping your SEO efforts, whilst also allowing you to build relationships, trust and authority with your audience and potential clients.

With Google and all the search engines clamping down more and more on spam tactics and low quality websites, content marketing is more and more becoming the approach of choice for those savvy businesses wanting to really market themselves online. I trust that this helps explain just what is content marketing.

Just What is Content Marketing ?
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