Is it possible to write copy that makes your content super sticky? Like Spiderman sticky?

One of the most virally shared publishers online is the Huffington Post – even though they curate other people’s stories. However, that’s probably why they can amass such a collection of viral topics. But the topics didn’t go viral because the Huff shared them, they did so because when they were curated, the clever folks over there did best what all curators should do – they tweaked a headline that drove masses of attention to the content.

An analysis of the Huff’s headlines (which could be the name of an information product in itself) will find that their most shared headlines have a trend that can be reproduced.

  1. People want to learn more about themselves. We live in a society now where mindfulness is becoming the new Mercedes. People want to better understand who they are and how they feel about things. By taking the time to get to know your audience, you can help them.Ask yourself if your content will help some particular part of society – will it help mothers understand why they get so angry at their husbands when they do something minor like forget to take the bins out? Or does it help men understand why their wives lose their tempers because they’ve walked across the floor in dirty shoes. Analyse any situation where one person irritates another and offer an insight into the problem and you’re golden.
  2. In almost direct contravention of #1, people love to use humor as a put down for others. This is dangerous territory if you want to remain untarnished as an authority.But. If it’s in good nature and also offers insight in a less direct manner than above, it can be extremely effective.
  3. Pointing out potential dangers of previously accepted fact creates phenomenal growth in the viral message, especially if it relates to health, wealth, relationships – or dogs.There are shock new stories all over the internet that become overnight sensations. It becomes so prevalent that we go into a kind of zone where we start to filter it out. But when we detail exactly the cause of the danger and offer a step-by-step solution, people just can’t get enough. Always be specific.

Aside from those top 3 indicators, there’s an overriding principle here of standing on the shoulder of giants. By adapting other successful stories you can get a share-worthy idea almost 100% of the time.

Viral Copywriting that makes Content Stick
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