One of the main issues with content marketing is coming up with content every day, it’s often difficult if you don’t know creative ways to bypass “writers block” or “ideas block”. A great idea is to interview experts within your niche, not only will the interview make a great blog post or Video, Podcast and Blog post, but it can also help you with your future content ideas.

Collect Ideas and Data to Use for Memes and Infographics

If you interview a few people and ask them all the same questions such as you do when you carry out a survey. You can then extract the data to use on infographics, and any creative ideas, quotes can be used to create a meme. Oh, a meme is a picture, usually with a quote on it, that is shared on social media and if your Facebook is like mine, it’s full of memes. An infographic is a much larger depiction of multiple figures of data, put together in a meaningful and entertaining way. You can use software like or to help you make these types of content, free to very inexpensively, you can also outsource the creation of these to places like or

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Elaborate on Something an Interviewee Said

Occasionally you will interview someone who will provide you with some additional information, provide insight into something in a new way, or they might even mention something you haven’t heard of before. When this happens you can use this as the starting point for a brand new piece of content, start by taking what the interviewee contributed and expand upon, sharing your own thoughts and opinions. For example, an interviewee might mention a new SaaS tool they love to use, that you haven’t heard of before, you checked this out, used it and you could share your experience and complete a product review.

Combine Interviews to Make New Content

You can also combine interviews in new different ways to create entirely new pieces of content. You can for example, select one question of particular relevance to your audience and then combine all the interviewees’ answers together to form one blog post. Whilst you do this you should add in your own thoughts and opinions to what each interviewee answered. This means that you could potentially get ten long blogs posts, simply by asking ten well thought out questions to industry experts and even your audience itself.

Develop an eBook

Once again using the interviews as a starting point, you can create an eBook. Organize the interviews in order of how you want to present the information into the book, there are lots of books are like this. The author, you, talks about a point, then uses the interview answers to stress the point, and then provides more information for the reader based on what the interviewee said. You should also research additional related content, facts and figures to fill out the book with and to give it that air of authority.

Publish Your Findings via the Amazon Direct Publishing Program

Instead of publishing your eBook yourself and making sales of it directly from you’re website you could format it so that you can sell it on the Amazon Kindle, through the Direct Publishing Program. The best part is it’s free to participate, and you simply collect the any money you make while Amazon handle all payments, delivery and everything.

You will almost certainly earn less per book using this method, but it’s also possible that you will sell more books due to how many people love downloading and reading books on their Kindle. I know I am always buying books for my Kindle. What’s more, people don’t actually need a Kindle to read your work, as most devices have a kindle reading application, so your potential audience is pretty massive.

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Turn Each Interview into a Separate Blog Post

By interviewing industry influencers you can spotlight each interviewee by publishing their interview as is, ask for a headshot and contact information and a reasonably comprehensive bio and publish the interview as a blog post. You can take this further by promoting the products or services they sell. The upside of this is that by associating with industry experts your audience perceive you as one, and many influencers will also share your blog post with their own audience.

Tell a Story with the Interview Results

Occasionally when you send out the same questions to multiple interviewees, you can see the start of a pattern, theme or story forming for at least some of the questions. This can be inspiration for telling a story based on the interview question and each interviewee, as well as yourself. Weaving the story yourself and connecting important points will make a huge difference in the quality of content you put out and therefore to the results you generate.

Host a Webinar or Round Table Based on the Interviews

I have watched this happen to great success, if the interview turns out to be something you didn’t expect and spectacular in nature, you might want to explore the issues raised more deeply. Invite these people to be part of a webinar or to have a panel discussion, round table event. You can do this on Google Hangouts On Air or via GoToWebinar, it’s another way to take one bit of work and turn it into something that pays off over and over again and the results when done right are just awesome.

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Content doesn’t always have to be written, it’s important for any content marketing person to understand that it can come in many different formats, and that this can then be repurposed into other formats to make it like newly crafted content. It might seem strange to produce content on the same subject time and time again, but each new way will engage your audience in new ways imparting more information, whilst also attracting new audience members.

Using Interviews to Generate Content Topic Ideas
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