Every business needs a website that incorporates a blog and every business needs to be actively involved in content marketing, it’s pretty easy to get started and at the beginning it’s normal to have lots of content ideas. But as time passes and you continue to create new content, there comes a point in time that every content marketing person faces of running out of content ideas.

One of the ideas I’ve used in the past is to ask your audience members, fans, followers to help you come up with new content ideas, it also involves them in the process and can help turn fans into raving fans.

Send An Email

If you have a list of customers or can easily segment your email list into customers and none customers, start by sending out an email to your customers. Ask them if they have any feedback they can give you? Ask them what problems they are facing? It’s also a good idea if you casually mention that you’re asking these questions so that you can get ideas for content you can write about, by doing so you will find lots of people more than willing to help you out.

This works exceptionally well, the more you do it as you start to establish a sense of community that conveys the “we’re in this together” feeling.

Survey Your Audience

Another great way to get people’s opinions is through anonymous surveys.

If you ask leading questions you’ll find that people will open up and provide some really useful answers, making it worthwhile. Some of the questions you might ask, are typically, how do they like the content you have created so far, what type of content would they like to see more of, or less of and what questions would they like answered.

Social Media

I’m a massive fan of Twitter, and I find that because I am extremely active if I send out a tweet I will usually get two or three good ideas back. Again this builds your sense of community with your audience as they can see others being actively engaged in the content creation process.

Pick Up The Telephone

I learned this technique from a mentor of mine many years ago when learning how to sell, it’s easy and can be used to generate content ideas as well. Simply pick up the telephone and call one of your customers and ask them how’s things? You’ll be amazed at how often this results in your customer saying I was just thinking about you … and an order coming your way. To generate content ideas, use the how’s things technique but follow up those that don’t show any interest in sales with a statement that you’re looking for ideas for your some new content and then ask the 3-5 questions that you have prepared before making the call. Ensure that these questions are well structured and are relevant to the purpose of your call.

Involving your customers within your content marketing creation process you will ensure that you meet the needs of your customers, your content will engage much better and you’ll develop that sense of community every content marketing company dreams of creating. Best of all, providing them what they want/need will earn you loyal customers and readers for a long time to come.

Using Customer Feedback To Create Content
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