As a Blogger sometimes you are so preoccupied with the idea of earning money from blogging that you forget the point of your blog. You forget to consider why you are writing any one blog post. However your why for each blog post is actually one of the most important aspects of blogging. If you take the time to plan your blog posts in advance based on season, events, product promotions, new products, etc., it will help you to focus why you are writing any one blog post.

Know Your Call to Action

When you start creating your blog post, if you understand what the call to action will be, you can better stick to the why of the post. You shouldn’t forget that the real reason for creating the blog post is the call to action and getting engaging your audience so that they act on the CTA.

Consider the Introductions

You might find it helpful to write the introduction to your blog post after you’ve written the main body. The reason being that you can use the introduction to foreshadow what your audience will learn later, which can help you keep your readers attention.

Plan Out Your Entire Blog Post

Outlines of blog posts are extremely helpful, you may not think so yet but an outline can help you remember to make the points you want to make in the blog post. As you make the outline, the point of the post becomes clearer and you’ll be able to highlight that “why” much easier.

Include Your Personality

Your audience don’t come to your blog to read a scientific journal they come to learn about you and to read your content. By sharing your personality you engage your audience much more, they warm to you and begin to feel as if they know you and as a result they will continue to read your content, and in some cases eagerly seek it out. Your personality is what makes the content uniquely yours, so share it and your opinions freely, your audience will thank you for doing so.

Always Include Images

Images increase engagement and help promote the meaning of your post in a way that just words can’t. But, before you choose an image you should absolutely understand the why of your blog post. Is it to promote a product, educate your audience about some facts, or to motivate some other action like sharing, joining your email list or something else entirely?

Headlines Are Important

Many times a title or headline can help point you in the direction the blog posts need to go in, some people create their headlines first and others create it afterwards. Writing something for a headline first can help you orient the blog post in the right direction. You can then if needed go back and perfect it later.

Remember the Conclusion

After you’ve written the meat of the post and the intro, and added images and your personality, don’t forget to add a conclusion to your blog post. Conclusions are where your CTA usually resides and where you’ll encourage sharing. It’s often where the entire point of the blog post resides too.

Edit with your End Goal in Mind

Once you think you’ve finished, go back if you have time and edit your blog post with the end goal in mind. This will help you fix any problems with the post, add in relevant keywords, and make everything stand out more so that the reason why is apparent to your audience.

When creating blog posts, try to get into the habit of doing these things every time, you’ll be able to know why you’re doing it before you even start writing. Knowing your why in everything you do is going to be very helpful to you when creating effective content for your blog.

Understand Why Youre Writing a Blog Post
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