As a business owner you have to have a blog nowadays if you want to really succeed with any sort of online marketing. However, depending on the niche of your blog, it can often seem difficult to figure out how to use visual marketing to promote your blog. But, if you think a little bit outside of the box a little, you will often be surprised at how much visual content you can pull out of your regular blog posts and turn into visual promotions for your blog.

Let’s look at a Few Ways to Use Different Types of Posts Visually

Trending Topics

If you pay attention to your niches industry news (and you should), you can often use this information to capture the interest of your audience before the news wanes. Write a blog post about the industry news, create an image with a quote that you found telling people the news you wish to share, and link it back to your blog post about the trending topics.

How To

Use screen shots to demonstrate what you’re educating your audience about in the “how to” post, and share each image separately with a link back to the entire blog post. So, if the how to post has seven steps, you should have seven images to share on your visual marketing networks to help you generate more website traffic.

Case Studies

You can use the information in a case study with various quotes, stats, information pulled from the case study and overlaid on a relevant image. You can potentially pull ten quotes from one case study (or more) that you overlay on various images to share, that each link back to the full blog post.


Use any data-centric post to create an infographic that puts all the data into one easy-to-view collection of images. You can then share that infographic freely everywhere with a link back to the full post.


With any list type post, you can have an image for each point in the list post. So if you have a post called “9 Tips for Successful Weight Loss” now you can take each of those tips, overlay a shortened version of the tip on an image that relates, and you’ll end up with nine separate images that you can promote. Of course, link back to your blog post.


When you interview people, they’ll say things that make you think. You can take quotes from the interview and then overlay on the image of the person saying it (with permission) and share widely, inviting viewers to read the entire interview.


When you create a slideshow you automatically have images that you can use to share on various visual marketing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Just turn the slide into an image file and you’re done. Share, and invite your audience to learn more by watching the entire slide show on your blog.


When you use video on your blog, you have almost unlimited shots you can take from the video, overlay it with a quote from the video, and invite your audience to watch the entire video on your blog.

If you actually think about it, any blog post can be turned into at least one, but usually more, visual elements to share in order to promote your blog. There are some tools that you can use to make it simple such as and, and for stock images I tend to use (affilate link) but there are lots of other places… just ensure you abide by the license terms.

Types of Visuals You Can Use to Promote Your Blog
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