The best way most often to promote your blog on visual platforms is through real time phone sharing as well as some planned and scheduled photo sharing. But as with anything you do to promote your business or content, the very first thing to do before spending a lot of time, is to find out if your audience is there. If they are, then of course you need to be there but don’t waste your time if they aren’t there. In addition, each platform tends to have its own personality that you need to fit into in order for your promotions to really work and engage your audience.


The best way to use Facebook for your visual marketing is to consider using paid to promote to get more views and interaction. The posts with the most interaction are the ones that Facebook sends to followers’ news feed. The best use of visuals is in autoplay videos and large photos that fill the newsfeed. If you can tie these into current events in some way, you’ll get more views as this incorporates real time marketing.

Google Plus

Sharing on Google Plus will boost your SEO substantially, especially if you have a community site or a collection site. You need a site that puts mobile front and center in order for this to really work. But, share real time information, beautiful images, and more to get the most out of Google Plus.


You could use Instagram to develop your brand, generate interest, and drive traffic by sharing images with quotes, watermarks, and more. Be creative. Why not send a shot of your computer screen showing your last blog post finally posted and let your audience know that it’s up, ready for them and their comments?


LinkedIn works best for the business to business (B2B) interactions, if you’re a B2C leave LinkedIn alone. If you fit in with the B2B criteria, then you can absolutely promote your blog on LinkedIn. Before sharing one thing, though, you need to fully complete your profile, build connections, be active, join groups, create a group and engage with your entire network. When you have a new blog post up, share an image with a quote from the post, and in the comment area state that your new blog post is up and invite our audience members to check it out.


Sometimes it can be difficult to understand how you’ll promote your blog on Pinterest. First, create a board just for your blog with the various categories, using appropriate images that link back to your blog. Name your board with keywords; then whenever you have a new blog post, include an image, with a quote from the blog post and a link directly back to them actual blog post.


It might seem difficult to do, but the truth is you can definitely promote your blog visually on YouTube. You’ll need to make friends, post videos often, and think outside the box a little. When you make videos, keep them short, visually pleasing, and on topic. Always mention how to connect with you and find more information about you in the description area, and at the end of your video.

You don’t have to be everywhere; in fact, you shouldn’t be. It’s best if you pick one platform at a time to build up and to fully understand before trying a new visual network. It is often better to concentrate on one or two networks and to do them really well, rather than spreading yourself too thin. But, if something new comes along where your audience spends most of their time then you need to join them, because that’s how you’re going to get the most bang for your buck; being where your audience is so that you can get noticed.

Top Visual Platforms to Promote Your Blog
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