Every business large or small is different in some way for every other, even businesses that provide the exact same service or product are different. Businesses do things slightly differently, people are different and interact with others differently, combine this with your unique voice, vision and perspective and you can start to understand what makes you unique. Your website, blog, newsletter and social media are the channels you will share this information with, so that your website / blog stands out from the crowd and so that it resonates with your audience.

Blog Regularly

The first thing you need to know about getting your vision and voice out into the world is that you need to do it often, so decide to blog regularly, set up a schedule and stick to it, your audience will learn your schedule and anticipate your updates. Blog regularly, update social media regularly, appear as a guest regularly and take every opportunity to be yourself representing your business and your brand.

Mix Up the our Content Formats

Your blog doesn’t have to be just text based, it can be in the form of infographics, podcasts, videos and whatever else portrays your message effectively. Use every content format that you can as long as it fits within your brand and the image you want to portray. Repurpose content into new forms to help spread your message to as many people as possible.

Create a Plan of Action

The content that you create should have a specific purpose, you should not produce any content without first determining its purpose. The best way to ensure that the purpose matches your goals is to develop a content plan that you will use across all channels and that encompasses all audience groups (buyer personas) in your sales funnel as well as incorporating any promotions planned and events scheduled.

Understand Your Niche

You need to understand your niche, you can never study your niche enough. Spend some time each week learning more about it, because I cannot stress enough how it will benefit everything you do. Study the history of your industry as well as what is happening today, and then learn what might happen in the future. By keeping your finger on the pulse will make you the go-to expert in your niche and it will make your blog buzz with current engaging content.

Know Your Audience

While you do want to add your own vision, voice and opinion and I do advise you to share your opinion, it’s also important to understand how far you can go without upsetting your core audience. For example, if you start a blog for people who are opposed to social media and then change your mind, that’s okay, but realize that you’re going to change your audience entirely as well as the focus of your blog.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be You

In all the world you are unique so use it to your advantage and simply be yourself. You will find support and acceptance, belonging for any lifestyle, you’ll also find detractors. But, to be truly authentic you cannot worry too much about your detractors. Put your audience and your true self first and foremost because if someone doesn’t like you, that’s fine they can go do business with someone else or read someone else’s blog.

Be Consistent across All Channels

Whether it’s your blog, Facebook or another social media channel, it’s important that you keep the same voice, and vision apparent in each of these channels. This will make you appear more trustworthy and help your audience get to know you even better, it also builds trust as messages on each platform reinforces those on other platforms.

Engage Authentically With Your Audience

Outside of blog posts, social media posts and other forms of content that you put out into the world, there are discussions, comments, etc… that you need to participate in. Just be yourself when you engage with your audience, too. They want to know what you really think and this is a great way to do so and if you pretend to be anything but who you are, people will know, so relax and be yourself always.

Every single blog post, video, podcast, infographic or whatever peace of content that you send out to the world are important on their own and as a whole. The content spreads your message, established you as an authority figure and attracts visitors to it through the use of keywords and more. Each item deserves the attention called for to bring your unique voice and vision to them.

Even if you hire someone to write for you as a ghostwriter, it’s important that you edit the content to make it your own and truly unique. What matters is that you’re consistently yourself no matter where the content appears, because let’s face it, this is what your audience want and like.

Tips for Sharing Your Unique Voice and Vision
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