Once you’ve decided to publish a digital magazine it’s beneficial to understand a few key factors that can turn a typical digital magazine into something really works with your business. You might want to increase your audience, give more benefits to your current audience, and find new income streams via either a subscription to your magazine or advertising revenue. A successful digital magazine potentially brings you lots of opportunities, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Build a Subscriber List

Before you consider producing a digital magazine it’s important that you have people who want to actually receive the magazine. So start with building a mailing list or two using the categories that you plan to cover in the magazine to attract the subscribers. Try creating one free report for each category that you’ll have inside your magazine to attract the subscribers. This will also give you a good idea of whether the categories you’ve chosen are what your audience wants you to cover and you can modify them accordingly.

Understand What Your Audience Wants

If you don’t know who your audience really is, it will be almost impossible to know whether or not they even want a magazine, much less what they would want you to cover in it. Be sure to talk with and survey your audience, poll your audience and engage them on various topic ideas for your magazine and never have any topics set in stone until you have such feedback.

Make Your Digital Magazine Available in Multiple Locations

Once published, put your digital magazine into several formats so that it is available on the different tools your audience uses to read publications. It should be available to download directly as well as have the ability to read via mobile device and computers.

Use Every Feature You Can

Your audience wants to see images, pictures, audio and other high-tech features in your digital magazine. Using a system that allows you to use all these types of features is what makes digital publications even more lucrative than print publications.

Use Super High Quality Images and Content

When you create a magazine the artwork is a actually more important else as this sets the theme and draws people in, the content comes a close second although good headlines always draw. Due to the way a digital magazine looks, your audience is expecting even higher quality work than they are used to seeing from you already. You’ll need to ramp up your work to a new higher level.

Archive Back Issues

For SEO purposes, be sure to archive back issues on your website. You can make them viewable for members and subscribers only, but having them there will enable subscribers to look back to previous issues which most people love to do. Having the titles searchable is always good for search engine optimisation.

Decide How You’ll Monetize Your Digital Magazine

It’s important to think about how you will earn money on your new awesome digital magazine. There are a couple of ways that you can earn money, such as selling ad space and/or subscriptions to the magazine. If you are interested in spreading brand awareness, look into giving a free magazine and selling ads. If you are simply looking for another money-making opportunity, you can sell subscriptions and advertisements. Alternatively if your business sells a product or services, the sales of this can support your digital magazine with the aim being to increase sales and awareness.

Market Your Digital Magazine

No one is going to magically find your digital magazine, no matter how many different newsstands it appears in online, unless you get active and market it. You’ll need to promote it to your email lists, your website subscribers, via social media and as many places as you can think of. You can even ask subscribers to share it with their own followers and maybe offer a prize for the person sharing the most.

By following these tips for publishing your first digital magazine, you’ll stand a chance of being super successful in your new venture. You’ll increase brand awareness, create awesome new content for your audience, and make more money doing it if that is your aim.

Publishing Your First Digital Magazine
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