Every single website should make use of well written and skillfully crafted content, sadly most don’t with many website owners simply throwing together someone on the fly and that being used for years. If you want to write great website content so that you stand out from the crowd and engage your audience, there are one a handful of things that differentiate great content from the not so great. If you learn to master these few tips you will improve your content dramatically.

Write Conversationally

Conversational content is content that is written in a friendly tone. It’s almost personal similar to the many articles you will find here and it seems as if it is written specifically for the person reading it. Conversational content is written using informal language. Instead of saying, “Business people write content” you would say, “You write content.”

Conversational content often breaks a few of those grammar rules you learned at school, however this is only done when it makes sense. For example, you might write an incomplete sentence. For impact. You might use ellipses…

…to create effect and to draw the eye through your article.

Make sure when you break grammar rules that there’s a reason for it. Breaking them just to break them is – well, maybe fun and a bit rebellious, but it’s not really productive.

Embrace your Personality and Voice

Your personality and voice are unique and one of your biggest assets. They help differentiate you, they help make your audience like you and best of all no one can easily copy them. They help you create and strengthen your brand. If you’re sarcastic naturally for instance, then your content can and should be sarcastic too, when relevant and appropriate. If you’re sentimental then your content will reflect that. It’s much easier to embrace your personality than to fight it, and it makes ordinary content great.

Study the content and writers you like and read often, look at how they share their voice and personality?

Make sure your Content is easy to read and understand

We’re talking about formatting here, too many people tend to get a bit carried away with formatting. There are so many underlined, bulleted, and bolded words that you’re not sure where your eye is supposed to go. Instead of enhancing the reading process, it makes it more difficult. It’s distracting.

Simple formatting is best. Simple formatting may include bold or underlined subheadings. You might have either bullets or numbers but probably not both. However, saying that, sometimes both are okay depending on the article content and information.

Pay attention to the content you find easy to read and the content that seems distracting. Is there too much formatting? Not enough? When the article isn’t easy to read, what would you do to fix it? Ask yourself what would make it easier to read?

Learning a few simple web content strategies can help you create awesome content that generates the results you’re looking for. You’ll receive more incoming links and more readers and traffic. And you’ll likely ultimately secure more customers. The better the content you create, the faster you’ll be able to grow your business, especially as content is now used everywhere.

Three Tips for Great Website Content
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