Content Marketing – Using Different Types of Content

The trouble with content marketing is coming up with a constant stream of content for your blog, especially if you aren’t aware of all the different types of content you can create. Once you realize that almost any type of content can become a blog post, it’s easier to create a lot of different content.

Content Marketing – How to Posts

These work extremely well for most businesses, teaching your readers things is a great and rewarding type of post to create. You can do how to posts about any number of topics within your business niche. If you’re not sure where to start, always choose to start at the beginning as someone out there within your niche is a beginner and those with experience often like to be reminded of the basics.

Content Marketing – Lists Posts

Creating lists is a great way to create a useful content for content marketing. A list can be anything from a resource list, to a list of do’s and don’ts. Even a list of products that you like to use (using your affiliate links if you are that way inclined) is a great way to put content on your blog. Your readers will be interested in any relevant lists that you can create, the secret is to understand your niche and tailor your lists accordingly.

Content Marketing – Long Blog Posts

When learning about content marketing we are taught that your typical blog post needs to be over 400 words long. However on occasion, it’s good to write a more in-depth, hard hitting and much longer blog post of about 1500 words.

Content Marketing – Tutorials

This form of content marketing is similar to the “how to” type posts but these go into more detail using photos, graphics and maybe even video to demonstrate how to do something within your niche. Make sure it’s something your target audience wants to learn to do, for great success. If you have car mechanics business you could teach your audience how to change a wheel, safely, or how to perform weekly maintenance. If you have a cooking related website you could teach how to chop vegetables up properly.

Content Marketing – Videos

Content marketing doesn’t have to be about writing loads of text, you can create a two or three minute video blog instead. As an added benefit you can include a text description and post it on YouTube too, and embed it into your blog, this way you’ll gain some traffic from YouTube as well. You can also use videos on Facebook and Linkedin and so maximise your returns.

Content Marketing – Images with Commentary

We all love Infographics, make your own using data from studies relating to your niche, they are a great way to provide interesting content for your content marketing activities. You can create images using stock photos or you can make them yourself using a quote in attractive text. When adding images to your blog it’s a good idea to include some commentary because search engines do not pick up text that’s on an image. Use both the “alt” tags as well as some text to describe the image.

Content Marketing – Short Focused Posts

Now these are the bread and butter of quality content marketing, they allow you to quickly and easily create a very short 300 word or so article, on a much focused issue or topic within your niche. If you have a short update, its okay to put a short blog post on your website, they don’t all have to be works of art.

Content Marketing Blog Post Round Ups.

If you want to start your own newsletter but are unsure about the content you can include, then you should consider collecting information on blog posts from other writers who write about your niche. Simply copy the title, include a short description and maybe an image and then link it through to the original post. By collating these together you can add real value to your audience and by only using a short bit of the writers blurb you cannot be accused of stealing their work and they will thank you for sending visitors to their website.

Content Marketing – Book and Product Reviews

Over the years I’ve reviewed thousands of products and reviews and people love to read them, the secret however is to actually read the book and to use the software and then to review it honestly. If the item is of no use, say so… if it is exceptional say so… not every item is right for your niche and as long as you are honest people will value your opinion.

If you get paid or get a product free in exchange for doing a review, you must disclose it. But if you can, also purchase the products yourself and use affiliate links to earn some money for products you review and recommendations (I’ve always stopped myself doing this but many do). Reviewing books within your niche on Amazon is also a great way to get traffic to your blog, by the way from Amazon.

Content Marketing – Critiques and Commentary

Now we’re looking at audience engagement here, read something you want to comment about on the web, give a short synopsis on your blog post, and then link to the actual article your read. Then simply comment on your blog post and invite others to do likewise. Be careful with your commentary if it’s negative or critical, because (unless that is your niche) people do have a habit of getting upset.

Content Marketing – Polls and Surveys

Not sure what to write about? Make a survey or poll right on your blog to ask your readers what they’d like to read about. You can also ask their opinion about a topic in question. You can use a service like to create simple (free) to complicated (paid) surveys with statistics.

Content Marketing – Case Studies

This works especially well if your niche is in self-help, coaching, finance, business, marketing or education. Collect stories about how other people succeeded taking your advice (or advice like yours) and post them on your website in a blog post. You can also conduct interviews using Skype and Pamela to record it and post it as a podcast.

You can also sell to your target audience using case studies so anything you post in this regard can lead to sales and more opportunities.

Content Marketing – Questions and Answers

You can answer questions sent to you via social media or email right on your blog. It’s a great way to create a new blog post and help fill in your FAQ. If no one emails you yet, you can still find questions to answer about your niche by going to relevant message boards and social media groups.

Using these types of content marketing ideas, you can have a never-ending stream of content for your blog. You’ll never run out of ideas if you realize that blogging doesn’t mean just one type of content and of course use your imagination, the hardest part of content marketing is actually getting started, the journey once started is quite enjoyable and extremely rewarding.

Content Marketing   Using Different Types of Content
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